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Archive: September 2nd, 2007

September 5, 2007: Rolling out the new look!

  Welcome! This is the new look. I have been trying to learn WordPress for some time now. Tony, my brother-in-law, has loaded the software onto the server and I believe we are ready to make the transition.   Hopefully the transition will be a smooth one. You will now be able to leave comments under each post. I know that is scary! You don’t even have to leave your name!  You will still be able to review back pages and I will leave the old pages unchanged.  It will probably take me a little bit of time to get used to all of this as well. So be patient and suggestions are always welcome.

  Kristy has made contact with us.  Drew (her boyfriends) mother was in a serious car accident last week.  Kristy went to help take care of her.  Drew is also very sick.  Not sure what is going on but it may have something to do with his military service in Iraq.  Kristy said she is going to keep me posted.  It sounds like Lucy and Kristy will be moving to Florida next month.  🙂  We wish them well!  Let the adventure begin.

  Dylan has another ballgame on Friday Night. I am going to take photographs, of course. I have never had much luck with sports photography but the last batch turned out well (or at least I thought they did).   I did some reading on how to photograph sports action. I did learn a few tips. My biggest issue is when it gets dark. I am using a fast lens though. I just need to keep learning!

  Joey is having his wisdom teeth out on Thursday. He is so excited. Not.  I might be leaving for Canada next week.  Some uncertainty surrounds all of that.  There is A LOT going on right now.  There is a chance for a snowstorm next week in Canada!  I might just have to make my way up there and photography it!  My first snow chase for the season?  Stay tuned!  🙂  A bit early for that…you never know though!

  Could this be the beginning of change for our hot and humid weather?  The satellite image below shows a hurricane moving into Mexico, a cold front approaching from the Rockies, and an upper level low pressure area over Oklahoma.  All of this could be the first signals of significant change across our region.  Rain chances will be increasing over the next few days.  Let’s all hope that this will finally be the beginning of the end of the drought.  So far the rain keeps drying up as it moves into Western Kentucky.