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Archive: September 6th, 2007

September 6, 2007: Rainy Thursday (yes you read the right)!

  There are strange drops falling outside my window this morning.  I am not sure what to make of this.  Upon closer inspection it appears that WATER is falling from the sky.  I know it is hard to believe.  I checked my sprinklers and they are OFF.  This must be what is called rain.  I have grabbed my meteorology books and poured through them all morning – yes this is RAIN.  A rare watery substance that falls from clouds to the earth below.  Don’t panic people this is considered NORMAL in some parts of the country.  Try to stay calm!

  Joey had his wisdom teeth out this morning.  He has now turned back into a little kid – mumbling incoherent sentences, half out of it, stumbling from the car to the house.  He has a bandage wrapped completely around his head with ice packs on both sides.  I would take a picture but I promised him I wouldn’t (at least for now).  🙂  He is currently asleep or trying to rest.  I guess I will be taking care of him for the next day or so.


Living in Massac County, Illinois – on top of a hill…

  When I was a little boy, I lived on top of a nice hill in Massac County.  From this hill you could see the surrounding countryside.  Mile after mile of fields, hills, houses, and roads.  Perhaps this is one reason that I am so interested in weather today.  That and the big blizzards of the late 1970s!  I was just a kid when those snowstorms pummeled the Ohio Valley.  Even though I was young I will never forget them.  Snowdrifts were up and over my head!  It was a kids fantasy come true.  No school for over a week.  More snow than a kid knew what to do with.  Trapped in our house unable to get down the snow covered lane.  It was a winter wonderland gone wild. 

  In bad weather living on top of a hill is the best, you can see the storms coming and going.  The storms would blow in and shake the house with their ferocious winds.  I would peer up over the ledge of the window, in my sisters bedroom where we took shelter, and watch the tree in the front yard whipping back and fourth.  You could feel the wind on the house.  I felt scared and excited at the same time.  I loved storms.  I have no idea why I loved storms…I just loved them.  I loved to watch the lightning late at night while sitting out on the front porch.  The warm breeze blowing in my face, the distant rumble of thunder, the sound of rain approaching through the cornfields.  All of this helped spark my interested in meteorology.   Perhaps one day I can find another hill like that.  A place to watch the sun setting in the west…and rising in the east.