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Archive: September 9th, 2007

September 9, 2007: Packing for Canada


  Packing has come to a stop.  I believe I have everything ready to leave!  Now I just have to get in the car and leave!  I do have a meeting this afternoon with Tony, my brother-in-law, concerning New Horizons and our houses.  After that is finished I may just head for Ohio.  Not sure though.  If I don’t leave tonight then I will leave on Monday Morning.  I will be excited to see David in Waterloo.  I am not sure if I am spending much time in Toronto.  Maybe a day or so.  We will have to wait and see.  I am taking all of my school books and photography books.  Going to try and study a lot while I am away.  I need to make a good grade on my mid-term. 

  While I am packing here…Kristy is packing in Birmingham.  She is leaving for Florida this week.  She has even started a blog!!!!  Imagine that!!!!  Now I can keep up with her.  I am happy about that.  It is hard for me to know what is going on down there…so the blog will CERTAINLY help in that department.  I hope Kristy likes Florida.  Unfortunately, Drew is very sick so she is going to try to mean him back to wellness.  Soooo take care down there Kristy and we will all be thinking about you as you take on this new journey and adventure!  Hopefully Lucy will like the sun and beach.  I am sure she will…the little diva that she is.

  The forecast is for much colder temperatures across Canada.  This might help the fall colors along.  It has been dry across portions of Ontario…so I am not sure just how much color there will be this year.  I guess we shall see!  I would love to photograph some bright colors though.  Camera will be in hand!  The 8-14 day forecast (which can be viewed here) is showing below normal temperature for Kentucky and Illinois!  Works for me.

  Joey is doing much better.  He actually ate real food yesterday…more than once!  So that is good news.  He is taking Daisy to his mothers today.  I guess Daisy will miss me.  🙁  She is in her bed watching me type right now…with a big bone hanging out of her mouth.  lol  She is giving me that "what…what did I do" look that she is famous for.  You can’t help but want to pick her up and hold her.  🙂  I love puppies! 

  TON of rain to our northwest and south overnight.  Some areas picked up 3-6 inches of rainfall.  Incredible.  We only received 0.01" at my house since midnight.  Nothing to write home about there.

  I am having breakfast with Sue and Jack this morning.  I have not seen Jack in a long time!  It will be nice to catch up and hear about their latest adventures and dreams fulfilled.  I think they are living the fast life now…doing what they want when they want!  The way life should be lived.

  Life around here is stable.  That is a good way for life to be.  Being sober for sooooo long has certainly given me a lot more clarity.  Clarity is a good item to have!  Without clarity you seem to lose focus on well EVERYTHING.  🙂  I just wish that I would have been able to get a grip on sobriety a long time ago.  Then again I have no regrets in life because I wouldn’t be who I am today without walking through all the fires.  So there is good and bad that comes out of every decision that we make.  I look back in total awe at this journey and wonder how in the world I ever survived.  There must have been more than a few guardian angels lost along the way.  What a path from point A to Z!  Now I just want to live my life and live it free.  I want to live my dream.  I want to chase snow…photograph snow…photograph storms…work with emergency management…see my family…have fun.  Live life to its fullest – the way life should be lived.