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Archive: October 9th, 2007

October 9, 2007: Decorating time!


  Time to decorate for Halloween!  Last year we had a great party.  The kids had fun.  So we are going to try and do it again this year.  We have plenty of Halloween decorations.  We try to buy a few more each year.  Those 50% off sales are nice!  🙂  So that is the task for today and tomorrow.   We need to get some corn stalks though.  I suppose we will have to run down to the Smitts Farm (something like that).

  IT IS FINALLY COOLER OUTSIDE.  SHOCKING!  For the first time this season my windows are OPEN!  I am loving this.  We had record high temperatures for the last three or four days across this region.  The cold front moved through last night with some rain and thundershowers.  Now the cooler temperatures have arrived.  Again – I LOVE IT!

  I took four tests over the past two days.  I am sweating the mid-terms.  They will be this weekend.  I HAVE TO DO GOOD ON THEM.  The tests are weighted heavily.  You have to do good on the mid-terms and finals.  The other grades count but not for much.

  Spoke with a good friend today in Quebec City.  He used to live in Toronto.  Keith!  It has been a long time since we talked and it sounds like he is doing great.  Happy to hear from him.  He is teaching English!

  Now what I need to do is call Sue and Caesar and go out for lunch.  I still have not completely unpacked.  lol

  We are working on a conference room for the Shadow Angel Foundation.  Going to put up a white board and then have a table/chairs of course.  A place to meet and talk about projects and so on.  We can also use it for our business ventures. 

  NOAA’S Winter Outlook has been released.  No surprises here.