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Archive: October 22nd, 2007

October 22, 2007: Raining!


  I had a few days of rest after all of the severe weather.  I think it takes a day or two to catch up on sleep after something like that.  Hopefully we will have some nice weather in the days to come.  Nice meaning RAIN!   Looks like plenty of rain is heading out way.  I am hopeful that we will see at least another inch or so.  We could use about 8 – 12 inches.  Not all at once of course.  🙂  One or two inches per week would be nice.

  Had a nice lunch with Caesar and Sue last Wednesday.  Sort of in between all ths severe weather.  Sue brought me a nice book on weather (water, ice, and fog) photography.  Some great photos.  The photographer in the book is Tony Sweet.  Great photographs.

  Trying to catch up on homework.  A few down days 🙂 after mid-terms.  Looks like 2 more quarters ahead.  If I can make it through that then we will have a winter break!  Hopefully by then it will be SNOWING.  No snow chases planned right now.  Just not much going on.  There has been some snow out west.  Looks like it will still be awhile before we can expect that to move into the Eastern United States.  Will keep watching!

  Talked with Kristy on the phone over the weekend.  She is doing okay down in Florida.  Sounds like Lucy is on a diet of some sort.  I shall await some before and after pictures before commenting.  🙂  A puppies life is so hard. 

  The Red Cross is having a banquet tonight.  It is the 90th anniversary of the Paducah Chapter.  I will take some photos.

  Okay back to homework….