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Archive: October 29th, 2007

October 29, 2007: Dylan’s Patriot Football Game


  I put together a slideshow of the game.  You can view it here:





October 28, 2007: BEAU’S 2007 HALLOWEEN PARTY


  Wellllll we had a great family get-together!  The family arrived around 1 p.m.  The kids had fun…playing games and running around the house.  Dylan stayed over on Saturday night with some of his friends so they were WIDE awake (uh huh).  Dylan had his ballgame on Saturday (I will have to post those photos in a bit…still going through them).  We had BBQ and Hot Dogs…seems to be the family favorite.  Not sure by choice or not!  Easiest to fix I suppose!  Everyone knows I am the big chef around here. 

  About half of us dressed up for the party.  My "blast" was an astronaut – perhaps I should have said "blast off"  🙂   The weather was GREAT.  A bit of a chill in the air but nothing you wouldn’t expect in late October.  We even had a frost overnight!  34 degrees here at my house.  That was the coldest temperature so far this season.  🙂  Now if we could just bring in some snow!  I don’t know how I manage to fit the weather into all of my posts.  Habit I suppose!

  Anyway here are a bunch of photos from our get-together.

Astronaut Beau ready for liftoff.  Our STAR scientist has been working on the shuttle problems.


Astronaut Beau with Uncle Roger


"THE LION KING" errrr QUEEN I should say


Mother and Mariah


Tyler and his friend Tyler – I am not sure which is which!


Someone is having a good time with the cookies


No pictures please.


Mother and Julie


Ahhh yes the court jester – every party needs one


That would be my dad and Lori



Tyler and Tyler


Mother…Mariah…and Mariah’s little fairy friend


Me and my mom




I think I make a nice astronaut…I might have to call NASA


Lori and Daddy




Danielle and Daisy at the end of the evening.  I think SOMEONE is tired!




The kids busting the pinata






Tommy and Dione


Dylan ready to blast off into space (looks like he might already be there)


Uncle George


Mariah and her fairy 🙂


Or is she a butterfly?  This could go either way 🙂


The crew of the next shuttle launch



Tony has been working out


Beau and Danny…Jala in the background (Mariah’s friend)


Astronaut Danny Kohn



Itsy Bitsy Spider Crawled Down the Waterspout…