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Archive: November 3rd, 2007




November 3, 2007: Looking for houses and land


  So let’s review the past few months (2 years)

1.    Looking for houses
2.    Not looking for houses
3.    Looking for land or a house with a view
4.    Not going to move
5.    Moving somewhere in McCracken County with a view
6.    Expanded view to Northern Graves County
7.    Expanding view to part of Marshall County
8.    Find a nice home on top of a hill facing east
9.    Find a house facing west even better
10.  Find a new home facing west – love it and see about making an offer – house has contract
11.  Discouraged because you find exactly what you want and so now you return to square 1

  So we are not not looking for land to build or not to build on.  That about sums it up.

  Photos from todays finds…

We found this house which faces west…great view


Then we found this house with this view – facing west


This was the house WE REALLY liked…matter of fact if we were to build then I think
we would do it exactly like the inside of this home.  We might do the back a bit different.


We saw lots of deer…



View from the first house we saw today


  So at the end of today we have come full circle.  Back to talking about just finding land and building.  We got the builders name that built that house that we saw today that we really liked.  I think we would do that exact plan – tweak a few rooms – wire it differently – but keep the same number of square feet.  It would be perfect and we would get the view we want.  We have to find land though.