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Archive: November 7th, 2007

November 7, 2007: Evening…


  Long day!  Most everything is moved out.  Not everything though.  The bed is still here!  Computer or two is still up and running!  So all is well on this front.  I got my four tests back from college and made straight A’s!  So I happy about that!

  We have decided, today, that we are going to stay in one of our apartments that we own in Mayfield.  Seems to be the best idea for now.  So we are going to move out of this house during the weekend.  Workers on coming to put new carpets in next week and polish the floors then we will put the for sale sign out front!  This gets us moving along and pushing us to find a new place with a view!  Nothing like a little bit of motivation to keep things moving along.  I think this is what I needed to do.  Talking about moving for TWO YEARS now just isn’t working!  I need my view.  That is what brings me peace!  Seeing those sunsets and the sky at night!  I love that kind of stuff.  Peaceful. 

  Sooooo here we are!  One week ago I didn’t think we would be this far along…but I like to keep things hopping.  🙂

  I am on the phone now ordering internet, phone service, and cable for the apartment.  They will have everything up and running by next Thursday.

  Jason is coming to help me with the radio antenna so in case of severe weather I can communicate with McCracken County!  So all is well on the weather front. 


November 7, 2007: 1 p.m.


  The movers are working hard and everything is coming along nicely.  Looks like they might finish by this evening.  We will then store everything down in Mayfield.  That work will be tomorrow morning…looks like a 6 a.m. day ahead! 





November 7, 2007: Random thought for the day…


“The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.”

— James Madison


"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

— B. Franklin



November 7, 2007: Force Change 2007 :)


  Okay – the movers are here.  They brought a LARGE truck – Okay a VERY large truck.  You know the motto for 2007 was force change.  I think we have achieved the peak of that thought process!  Looks like six guys are here.  Going to be a long day for them! 




November 7, 2007: Kirkland Lake – Get well :)


  A special get well to a friend in Kirkland Lake!  Hope you are back on your feet quickly!  I am sure you will be.

  Get Well Soon!!!