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Friday, November 9th, 2007

November 9, 2007: The Journey….


  You know life is always an adventure – if you make it an adventure.  Otherwise life is just boring.  Nothing ever changes.  You never grow.  You never have new experiences.  You never see anything.  Isn’t that boring?  🙂  I don’t think I will ever grow out of liking change or liking an adventure.  I always won’t ever give up on my pursuit of happiness and to fulfill my own dreams!   So here we are doing just that!  I keep thinking about those sunsets and those views!!!  That is keeping me going.

  So today started at 5 a.m.  Now I usually do not get up at 5 a.m.  Who does?  Okay well I guess some people do.  Most people don’t though.  5 a.m. – the chickens are not even up.  Daisy is certainly not up!  I think the last time I did a 5 a.m. trip was coming back from Canada and before that perhaps along the Gulf Coast after Katrina and Rita.  🙂

  So I arrived in Mayfield at 5:30 a.m. and beat the trucks by a few minutes.  The movers arrived though shortly after that and started unloading.  Tony and I decided we should go have breakfast.  Then during breakfast we got the bright idea to go ahead and move all of my stuff out of the house – mattress – television sets – everything.  So at the last minute we rented a U-Haul and headed to Paducah!  By 4 p.m. this evening we had completely stored all of my stuff on the other two trucks in a storage building AND we managed to move 99% of my belongings out of the Ashcreek House.  So I am sitting on the floor now…with Daisy here on my computer.  We did keep Joey’s computer on his old desk – and we have a couple of covers downstairs – will sleep on the floor tonight and tomorrow night.  Perhaps go stay at the apartment on Monday.

  We still have to finish cleaning the house.  The workers should be here next week to put new carpets down and pain.  We will then list the house.  I hope it sells quickly but you just never know about these type of things.  Takes the right person to come along and snatch it up.  Crossing fingers that happens soon!

  Meanwhile last night we discovered that the toilet was leaking from the main floor into the basement.  $900 later we had cleaned up the damage below.  So that made for a bad evening.  Blah!

  Looks like I have lots of homework to catch up on now.  We are heading to Kentucky Lake tomorrow to look at property – both land and homes.  Maybe we will find something nice!



The EMPTY HOUSE!  Basement – looks bare now.


The wet carpet last night 🙁


The new apartment in Mayfield that we are moving into – errr have moved into!


The kitchen at the new apartment we are living in


The living room


Tony helping to unload the U-Haul that we rented today




My new living room!!!!! 


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