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Archive: November 12th, 2007

November 12, 2007: In the new apartment…


  Silly me…I forgot I could tether to my blackberry and get online.  Where there is a will there is a way!  lol 

  So anyway…we managed to get moved into the apartment.  There is stuff everyone.  Such a mess.  I did manage to get the computer set up (of course – priorities you know).  So then I remembered I could connect online through my cell phone.  So here I am listening to Paul Potts and his opera singing!  I should be unpacking I suppose.

  Kristy called today.  She is alive and well down in Florida.  She informs me that Lucy has lost 40 pounds!  I think she has to lose 5 more pounds according to the vet.  She will blow away if a hurricane comes anywhere near the coast.

Few pics from this evening

Daisy is not so sure about all of this tonight…

The weather center is not as large right now…eek

We need to get some groceries…this will be supper!




Shutting down…off the air :)


  No more posts for a few days.  Shutting down and moving out.


November 12, 2007: Workers have arrived…


  Pretty boring right now.  Waiting on a plumber!  Daisy is enjoying herself though with all the empty space.  She is running around wild.  I think she has figured out that something is up…just not what though!

  The workers have pulled the carpets out of two rooms…to make way for new carpets.  All very exciting.  lol



November 12, 2007: Moving out today…


  Cloudy morning.  We are moving out today. 

  Looks like I will not be going to Canada for the time being.

  My friend Gail sent me a picture of her new dog.  Cute!