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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » November 24, 2007: Brrrr…it is cold outside!
Saturday, November 24th, 2007

November 24, 2007: Brrrr…it is cold outside!


  OK, I think I am going to have to break down and have the heat turned on here.  It is COLD this morning.  The space heater is just not getting it.  Sooooo I guess the gas company is coming on Monday!  🙂  Will make things a bit warmer.  It wasn’t this cold last week.  Brrrrr…there were even a few snowflakes around over the last 24 hours.  Flurries.

  Our family is having Thanksgiving this afternoon.  We are meeting at Olive Garden.  🙂  I think that sounds familiar.  We may go see a movie after we eat.  Tony and I also have to go measure some rooms in the Ashcreek House. 

  I am headed for Canada later this week and will be gone awhile.  I will be back for Christmas though.  That isn’t that far off either.  A few more weeks and Santa will be knocking at the chimney.  Assuming he can get through U.S. security – which isn’t a given anymore.  lol

  Otherwise all is well.  Kristy called and she is doing OK down in WARM Florida.  I am sure she is missing the cold weather of BIrmingham.  Not.

  We did NOT go to Sam’s Club yesterday.  They had a limit of one WII.  So that sort of took the wind out of that balloon.  🙂

  So anyway…I have been up and down the last few days.  I think the holidays will do that to a person.  I can’t ever put my finger on what causes those feelings.  I think the holidays are just an emotional time all the way around.  You miss people that are not here anymore.  You want to be around those who are here!  Lots of people shopping…lot of moody music…and well just the whole atmosphere. 

  There have been so many changes the last few weeks.  All good changes.  Don’t get me wrong.  Changes those can be stressful.  They say that moving is one of the top three most stressful things you can do.  I would believe that…I seem to have fun with it though.  It is something that I look at as a mission of sorts.  I am on a mission to find my view – somewhere out there.  I know it is out there.  I will find it.  🙂  Then I will enjoy the sunsets again.  Somehow I have a feeling that there could be a few weeks of sunset photos at the start.  lol

  I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday weekend!!!!!  I am sure there is still a lot of food to be eaten.



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