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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » December 23, 2007: WINDY!!!
Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

December 23, 2007: WINDY!!!

  Wow – what a wild night of wind.  The pressure gradient behind that storm system was and is AMAZING.  Rapid pressure drops and rises are being reported across Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.  Winds gusted over 50 mph at the NWS Office in Paducah.  Wind damage was reported across McCracken County.  Winds of nearly 70 mph hit Chicago.  Numerous reports of wind damage have been received across the State of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin/Michigan.  Near blizzard conditions are also being reported in portions of Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  Nasty little storm!

  Had a wonderful lunch the other day with Sue.  She brought me the most wonderful gift – some photographs that she made into notecards.  I will certainly treasure them!  She is fast becoming or has become a talented photographer.  I told her not to forget the little people when she becomes famous!!!!!  🙂

  Went out with the family yesterday and watched the new Treasure Movie.  It was OK.  I think I liked the first one better.  National Treasure.  🙂   We had a blast at Applebees afterwards.  Always entertaining to get together with the kids.

  Cold this morning…it is chilly in here.  I guess that is because I don’t have the heat on and slept with the window open.  I love being cold at night and covering up with a bunch of blankets!  That is the only way to handle winter.  🙂  Works for me at least!

  I might drive up to Paducah to check out some houses later.  I don’t think I have ever been more torn over a decision on where to live.  I have looked at big houses, small houses, medium size houses, houses in the country, houses in the city, houses in other counties!!!!  I guess it will happen when it happens.  Debating the whole downsize idea.  I want something errr life to be a bit more simple.  Doesn’t everyone want that though?  🙂  Just have to figure it out.

  Now this is a cool car!




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