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Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

December 26, 2007: Day 2 :) 6:00 a.m.

I don’t think I have been this excited since I was freed in Birmingham.  I was beside myself all day yesterday.  Freaking out would be more like it.  lol  Tony and Joey were trying to help me contain all of the emotions, thoughts, energy.  Deena and Dione found out yesterday evening.  We are not telling mother.  Mainly for two reasons.  One is the fear that this doesn’t work out.  We don’t have all of the information yet.  Secondaly, we want to surprise her.

Right now we are waiting for the sun to come up.  Tony and I are going to meet this morning at 8 a.m.  He is picking Joey and I up.  We will then begin a series of phone calls.  We will attempt to find out who the attorneys are, what bank is involved, how far the foreclosure procedures have gotten, and call the court house/sheriffs department.  We will then have to figure out what to do next.

If the bank has foreclosed then that means the sheriffs department has taken over the property and we will have to wait until the auction to buy the land back.  This could be soon.  Tony believes they have 30 days or less to sell it.  This would mean the auction could be in January.  Again, we just don’t have enough information right now.

Counting the hours (minutes now) down until we do.  🙂

To say that I am excited would be the biggest understatement of the year.  Deena gave me a sleeping pill last night to try and calm me down.  Wired would be a good word for it.  I did get some sleep…so that is good.

\Will post more information later this morning.  I am hoping we find out everything today.


The American Dream Unfolding….

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