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Archive: December 28th, 2007

December 28, 2007: The mailbox…

  So I picked up this mailbox today.  This will look great at the end of the lane on the farm!  🙂  Not getting ahead of myself or anything…just sayin!

December 28, 2007: An American Fairy Tale? Day 4

  It feels like there are a thousand volts of electricity running through me today  I think the excitement has reached a point to where I can literally touch it.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt this way.  It is a different feeling than I had after everything that happened in Birmingham.  That was more of a relief than pure excitement.  This is an emotion that I haven’t felt in a long time.    Everything just seems to be coming together for a true American fairy tale ending.  Will it though?  In my heart I know it will work out.  It just feels right.  How can all of this have happened in the last month?  It has played out perfectly.  Me moving out of the house…knowing that for some reason that is what the still little voice inside of me wanted.  A rushed move at that!  From the time we made the decision to move out to the time we were moved out was less than 10 days. 

  The search for three years for a hill around here.  Never finding anything that felt right or worked.  Dozens of houses looked at.  A few had potential but then in the end I always walked away.  At times wondering why.  I think now I know why! 

  My mind is racing.  It is going faster than I could ever possibly hope to keep up with.  I was up and down all night.  I keep thinking about being back on top of the farm – on the hill.  I smile every time I think about it.  Day and night!   I just need to relax!  It is difficult though.  Waiting was never my finest attribute.

  Do dreams come true?  They have in the past!  I think for those who have followed this incredible journey will agree with that.  There are always things that simply can’t be explained.  They just are.  As I like to say – "it is what it is".  Whether good or bad at times.  Some things were not meant to be explained.  This could be yet another amazing story to join all the rest of them. 

  I have but one question on my mind and that is  "How will this end"




  Here are some old photos from the family farm.

Sunset on the old farm – looking west.

My grandmothers house on the farm.

That would be me on the farm…big baseball player 🙂

My grandpa Joe with Deena or Dione (I think Deena???)  Family Farm.

After a snow on the farm…

My mother with my grandmothers house in the background…family farm

My grandmothers old house – it was torn down years ago.  This is where we would
probably build a new house for my mother.

The old pony barn…this is where I will build my house.  On the highest point on the farm.

Me and my sister Dione – our old house in the background.

    Easter on the farm – looking to the north

My sister Dione – looks like the first day of school (our old station wagon in the background)

Me and my sisters – Easter 🙂


My mother (long time ago!!!!) up on the farm

My grandfather mowing the yard on the old farm.

Me and my sisters – Halloween 🙂

My mother on the farm as a child…lots of snow!!!

Mother as a baby

Grandmother holding Deena and me 🙂  I am the little guy on the left – my grandmothers
old farm house in the background

Farm from above 🙂  That is my grandmothers house on the right side of the

Mother with one of her pony’s

Mother being pulled on a sled by her dad – one of our
old barns in the background.

My mother – grandmothers old house in the back

I swear that looks like a wolf that mother has beside

Looking north from the farm.


December 28, 2007: ——


December 27, 2007: Almost midnight…

  My mind is racing.  I don’t think I can shut it down.  🙂  I guess that is to be expected.  My level of excitement is rising by the hour!  Certainly by the day.  I keep telling myself to slow down…stop thinking so much.  That doesn’t seem to be working at this point.  I keep thinking about being back up on that beautiful hill.  Our family farm!  Being there when thunderstorms roll in!  Being there to watch the awesome sunsets in the west.  Being there for SNOWSTORMS!!!!  It is just driving me nuts at this point.  I guess I will just have to be patient.  If I keep telling myself that maybe my mind will listen!  I have my doubts though.

  Word can not come soon enough!  This is like waiting for Christmas when you are a little kid.  Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc!!!!