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Archive: December 30th, 2007

December 30, 2007

 OK. let’s all inhale.  No exhale.  Now inhale again.  Now exhale again.  Let’s repeat this for the next 20 minutes.  Focus on noting but that hill.  OK, well maybe focus on anything but the hill. 

Case number 001 – subject appears to be driving himself insane.  Unable to stop thinking about being back on his family farm.  Watching the sunsets…the clouds…the rainbows, the lightning, the fireflies, the coyotes, and the deer.  And what about the black panther.  Did hurry up and wait ever come up in this conversation?  I have already given up on the :whats if: this falls through.  My confidence level is setting me up for a fall?  🙂

Sooooo we are waiting tonight.  The only new news is that I found out we might find something out on Monday.  Not sure if that is a bad of good.  We shall see.  See story below called "Misfortune".  Talk about timely!

  Did I mention that my entire body feels like it could explode at any given moment?  Pease don/t call Homeland Security as I am sure they will send me off to gitmo.  Screwy people they are. 

  I am trying to figure out who is on board for this project up north.  I know Doug is because he could sense the excitement behind it all.  Not so sure about David yet.  We have to speak.

  I don’t think I have ever been or felt more right about something in my life.  It is a once in a life time opportunity.  Promises I made and kept a long time ago.   It won’t be the easiest year of my life but it will certainly be one of the more interesting!

Stay tuned…


December 30, 2007: 2 Year Mark! 730 Days!!!!!

Two people…two sides – one locked away from the other


Now THAT is something to celebrate.  100% sobriety.  A Reason to celebrate!!!!!!  WOOHOO!


The ultimate kind of freedom….



The ultimate show of freedom….