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December 9, 2007: Crippling Ice Storm…Striking the Central U.S.

  An historic ice event is hitting portions of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Iilinois.  Accumulations of 1-2" of pure ice has occurred or is forecast over a large area of the Missouri Valley.  The winter storm will miss us to the north and west.  Many areas have reported THUNDERSTORMS with freezing rain, sleet, AND HAIL.  Incredible storm system.  Three more winter storms are forecast this week to rake the same region.  It is possible that the last of the series will hit the Western Kentucky area.  It is still too early to determine precipitation type.  It is not out of the question that we could have our first winter storm.


December 8, 2007: No new news…


  Still waiting on news concerning the house.  It appears we won’t know anything until Wednesday.  I think I am getting a cold.  That time of the year I suppose.

  I finished one major test today…that means I have one more to go.  So far I have an A in both classes.  Hopefully I did OK on my first final.  The second one is the harder of the two.  Not looking forward to taking it.  Perhaps tomorrow though.  Just need to get through it!  Then I can rest easy until next semester!


December 7, 2007: Still waiting!


  I don’t know anything further as of this morning.  Perhaps this afternoon!


December 6, 2007: Decision day!


  I should know something later today about the property and house.  We may make an offer.  I might get my view – and be able to watch the meteor showers again!  Crossing fingers.


December 5, 2007: I think we found it!

Back of the house…


From backyard


Back of house…patio off the master bedroom





To the southeast


To the southwest


To the west/northwest


Front of the house…


December 4, 2007: The evening hmmm…could this be it?




View to the west in front of the house.  🙂  Ground level.

December 4, 2007: Hmmmmmm



December 3, 2007: TYLER’S BIRTHDAY!!!





lot’s of cards and money of course


Tyler had a few of his friends over to the party…





I got Tyler some geese 🙂 through Heifer International

Geese Get Results – from the Heifer site

Geese make a great gift, and here’s why: Since some geese can lay up to 75 eggs a year even "six geese a-laying" can add up quickly for families in desperate need of protein and a means of income. Geese are easy to care for because they don’t require much shelter and can adapt to hot, wet or cold weather. Geese can also find a good portion of their food by themselves, and they efficiently dispose of weed seeds and gobble up insects, slugs and snails.

Best of all, geese are highly efficient producers of animal protein. And they’re vigilant "watchdogs," loudly warning when uninvited guests arrive at the homestead.