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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » January 18, 2008: Toronto…farm update – other
Friday, January 18th, 2008

January 18, 2008: Toronto…farm update – other

  Well we arrived in Toronto yesterday afternoon.  Just in time to see the CN Tower being put back up after its afternoon cleaning.  Thought we had lost it there for a second…but no no it was fine.  Sometimes that thing seems to disappear behind a building or something like that.

  I was hoping for some snow.  That didn’t happen until around 7:30 in the evening.  The snow quickly changed to rain.  Go figure.  Come allllll the way to the GREAT WHITE NORTH – IN JANUARY no less – and it rains in Toronto.  CURSED weather.  Sometimes I think I am an avatar in a computer game and some little kid somewhere is saying "turn off the snow turn off the snow."  Then he laughs and mocks me.  You never know! 

  Was able to have dinner with Doug and Andrew.  It has been awhile since we have seen each other.  A few months I suppose.  🙂  It is always nice to catch up on the latest and greatest news from Toronto.  Doug is immersed in the virtual world concepts and how that is going to change business models.  I think sometimes that Doug wishes he had a crystal ball that would allow him to see into the future (even if it was just for a few short moments). 

  So anyway.  We had dinner at the Korean BBQ place on Yonge Street.  It actually has a different name…I can’t remember it right now.  It was nice though.  They bring you plates and plates and plates of food.  You then cook it yourself over a metal stove like thing in the middle of your table.  It reminded me of being in Boy Scouts.  lol

  Toronto hasn’t changed much.  Well it actually is constantly changing – new buildings and condos are going up everywhere.  We saw a sign that said "CONDO’S FROM 500,000 to 8 MILLION DOLLARS".  I want to know what you get for 8 MILLLLLLLIIIOOOONNN dollars?  For 8 million dollars you better get a maid for life, breakfast in bed for the rest of your life as well, also lunch and dinner cooked and served – a driver for my car – and someone to give me a back massage at the snap of a finger.  MAYBE I could see paying 8 million dollars for a condo – IF all of that was included.  On second though…maybe not.  🙂 

  I can already tell it is colder outside this morning.  I can see from my hotel window that it is windy.  Windy + temperatures below freezing?  Probably going to be a chilly walk around Toronto.  We are meeting up with Doug at noon.

  Everyone is asking me about the status of the farm property.  I have no new news on the farm.  I was hoping to have heard something by now.  Maybe next week?  That is what I keep thinking.  My Realtor is in Florida playing Golf.  My Realtor also happens to be my brother-in-law who needed a much deserved break from reality.  I keep waiting for him to send me photos of him and Tiger Woods on the green.  So far nothing. 

  We are heading to Europe in February.  First we have the Winter Carnival in Quebec City (any bets on how cold it will be there) and then a stop in Switzerland before heading to Moscow.  One of the "to do" locations on my list.  I have never been to Russia.  The VISA application was about two pages long.  Go figure.  I get the impression that Russia doesn’t trust Americans.  I wonder why?  I really couldn’t imagine.  🙂 

  It appears that I will return home just in time for March.  SPRING ANYONE???

  My friend Kristy has informed me that Lucy is joining the military.  I guess she isn’t going to wait for the draft!  Daisy isn’t jealous though – she wants nothing to do with the military.  I never took Daisy for being in the trenches (not saying I thought Lucy should be in the trenches either).

 Lucy – proudly serving  (Kristy sent me this photo)





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