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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » January 25, 2008: Huntsville, Ontario – Ski Country
Sunday, January 27th, 2008

January 25, 2008: Huntsville, Ontario – Ski Country

January 25, 2008

  Writing from the cottage.  No internet here…so will post this later.  It is beautiful up here in Huntsville, Ontario.   We are a few hours north of Toronto.  Perhaps three hours?  Snow – Snow – and MORE Snow!  The trees are just caked with snow.   This place reminds me of Evergreen, Colorado.  J  It snowed all the way here.  Light – fluffy snow.  Lot of blowing snow across the road.  Those wavy, snaking, blowing lines of snow that you see during a good winter storm when it is just starting to crank up.  Always reminds me of sand blowing across the road. 

  The snow here is dry.  It looks like the fake snow that you might see at Christmas in a store front.  It is supposed to snow all weekend.  Hopefully!

  We are going to ride snow mobiles tomorrow.  I am a big fan of the snow mobile.  Not a huge fan of downhill skiing – cross country is nice though.  Snow mobiles, though,  are definitely my favorite winter sport.

  Speaking of winter sports – they are having a HUGE pond hockey festival here.  We didn’t realize that until we got here.  Hundreds (thousands?) of people are here to view the event.  CTV was even here.  So we know that means it must be a big deal! 

  We went into town  (Huntsville) to watch the movie “The Bucket List”.  Great movie…if you haven’t seen it then try to go see it or rent it.  I made my bucket list years ago.  Slowly but surely I am crossing things off the list.  When you are given a second chance at life you tend to look at everything a bit differently.  Doesn’t mean there isn’t ups and downs because god knows there is.  It just means that you remind yourself what is and isn’t important.  You have to follow your passion – pursue your passion  – make your passion reality.     Anyway – thee stars for that movie (out of five).

Photos from today 🙂

Pond Hockey weekend at Deerhurst.  Apparently there were 17 countries represented.  Hockey people 🙂
come from everywhere. 




Some extremely large icicles!! 



I would love to take this four wheeler out onto the ice.  🙂


Red Bull anyone???  That would last me 5 years.  I would be bouncing off the walls.


OK – Could we just transport this down to Western Kentucky.


David walking in the snow


CTV was there.  You know it is a big event when CTV is there.  They are the CNN of the north.


Snow – Snow – Snow – Snow – Snow – Snow – Snow – Snow – Snow – Snow





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