Sunday, January 27th, 2008

January 27, 2008: Tech Minute…WildCharge

WildCharge, the first wire-free charging and power solutions for consumer electronics and other mobile devices was selected as one of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions Of The Year 2007!!

Available now, WildCharge presents its groundbreaking WildCharger™ charging pad. Also available are WildCharge™ adapters that allow most Motorola RAZR V3 phones to draw power wirelessly from the WildCharger pad.

In the next few months, WildCharge will introduce adapters for other leading mobile phones, smart phones and music players. These include adapters for RIM’s BlackBerry and Apple’s iPhone and iPod family of products and more.

The WildCharger™ pad can simultaneously charge and power up to five such devices once these are enabled with our adapters (or have our technology built-in during manufacture.) WildCharge products eliminate messy, tangled wires and multiple wall bricks. Convenient to use. Good for the environment!

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