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January 17, 2008: Heading to Toronto

  We are heading over to Toronto this afternoon.  Going to visit some friends.  Looks like we might get a rain/snow mix through most of the afternoon and evening.  Hopefully more snow than rain.  I didn’t come to Canada to see rain!!!!

  More later…



January 16, 2008: One Laptop Per Child

  Many of you will remember the "One Laptop Per Child" program that I posted about a few months ago.  You can visit this web-site for more information on the program.  Anyway, David ordered two of them and they came in the mail today.  Two came here and two went to Africa.  It took us awhile to figure out how to open that little contraption.  It took about 10 minutes to figure out how to get on-line.  Not bad.  The first images we pulled up were from my big winter storm trip to Boulder, Colorado. 

Joey working on the lap-top



January 14, 2008: Waterloo, Canada – Snowstorm

  Here are some photographs I took today of the snow here in Waterloo.  It was a wet snow!  The best kind.   🙂  Seems to have stuck to anything and everything.  Looks like we got about 3" of the white gold.



































































January 13. 2008: Snowing in Waterloo! My first snow this year!

  Well this is my first "real" snow of the year.  I am thrilled!  FINALLY some snow!  Looks like we may get several inches tonight and tomorrow.  Light snow on and off all week.  Dione and John called me from Paducah and said it was snowing there!!!  John PROMISED to turn his fan and send the snow up here.  SO THANK YOU JOHN for sending the snow northward!!!


🙂  YAY!!!!




January 13, 2008: The Kite Runner

  The Kite Runner was an excellent movie.  I would highly recommend seeing it.  A truly touching movie about two young boys who are friends growing up in Kabul before the Taliban took over.   I was going to say that all Americans should see this movie but then I realized that what I meant to say was that all human beings should see this movie. 

January 12, 2008: Made it safely to Canada…

  We made it safely to Canada!  All is well here.  No snow yet!  It did flurry right when we entered Waterloo!  So that was nice.

  I noticed this photograph on the news wires from Mississippi.  This school bus was picked up by a tornado and tossed on top of the school building.  Amazing.  Only a few children were injured inside of the school.  January?

A bus chassis was ripped from its wheels and tossed to the roof of one of the buildings on the Caledonia High School campus in Caledonia, Miss., Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008, following a possible tornado. Storms and strong winds ravaged a number of communities in central Mississippi.  (Columbus Commercial Dispatch, Kelly Tippett/AP Photo)

  We are going to see "Kite Runner’s" tonight at the movies.  I have been wanting to see this movie for some time now.  You can learn more about it at this web link.


On the road…blogging from the car

So I am a bit bored…thought I would try and blog from the blackberry. Don’t worry I am not driving. ;). It is cloudy here in Ohio – no snow here but I did see the Paducah forecast. Of course it will snow since I am away.

I guess it will almost be March when I return. By that time we will be talking about Spring!!!

I had a dream that bears tried to eat us last night. I will make a note of that and stay away from the zoo.

January 10, 2008: Heading out this evening…

  Heading for Canada tonight.  Should make it to Louisville.  Then we will drive the rest of the way tomorrow.  Trying to find a little sanity in Second Life at this hour.  Stressed out.  lol  I have found this nice meditation spot though that seems to calm me down a bit.  🙂

  I will be curious how this new world unfolds before our eyes.  I used to think that my grandmother’s generation could never be repeated.  I mean, she saw the first car and the first man on the moon.  Could our generation possibly see such advances?  I now think we will.  Not only will we, but we will blow that out of the water.  Rapid changes in computer technology is going to bring about a revolution like no other.  Will it all be used for good?  For bad?  For both?  I think we can assume for both.  Since when has mankind used technology only for good?  Never.  The real question is can the good beat out the bad.  Interesting days and years ahead.

  Another question that comes up is are we going to see two different worlds evolve?  Are we already seeing that happen?  Those connected and those not connected?  How can half the civilization be connected to technology and the other half still in the so called dark ages?  What will a world be like if that indeed does happen?  The haves and have nots?  How do we bridge that gap?  How do we bridge that cap without losing culture, art, and who we are?


The Intelligence Revolution: Second Life, Virtual Worlds in BBC Documentary

The future of the internet and the world

Time well spent…worth watching.

I once thought, as a child, that there must be an end to space.  That when I looked above and saw the stars, that beyond those stars there was a wall.  Once you hit that wall you have come to the end of space.

I now realize, as an adult, that if there was a wall then that would mean there would have to be something on the other side of that wall.  Thus, there was no end to space.  There was no wall.

I watch this report and realize, as a child, that once again I am looking into space but realize this time that there will be no wall at the end of this space.

  The future of the internet is going to revolve around these virtual worlds and how that eventually finds it way into our everyday life.  Watching this report will help you see the vision.



January 9, 2008: New KIVA Partner…

  I added a new KIVA Partner today.


Name: Asencia Huanca
Location: El Alto / La Paz, Bolivia
Primary Activity:


Loan Use: Ella precisa de capital para poder incrementar su mercadería, comprar víveres al por mayor, lo que resulta una reducción en el gasto y un mejor ingreso para ella y su pequeño hijo. She needs the loan to increase her inventory and buy at wholesale prices in order to decrease costs and increase income for her and her son.

January 9, 2008: A quieter day…

  A quiet day after a stormy 48 hours!  We had a number of tornado warnings across our area on Tuesday.  Major damaged was confined to portions of Southeast Missouri and Southwest Indiana.  Both Mayfield and Paducah had tornado warnings but no significant damage was reported.  Tornado sirens sounded three times here in the City of Mayfield.  So I long event for January and I am glad it is over.  I think I spent about 9 straight hours in front of the radar.  I was tired by the time all was said and done.

  This was one of the more impressive outbreaks I have ever witnessed for the Missouri Valley – during the winter months.  I know there were some strong tornadoes in Missouri, Illinois, and Wisconsin.  Almost unheard of.

  Joey and I visited the farm today…walking around and looking things over.  We have not heard anything new though.  I guess we will just have to continue to hurry up and wait.

  Leaving for Canada on Friday Morning.  I will be gone for about four or five weeks.  Maybe I will see snow up there?  One would think!  Will be in Quebec City for the Winter Carnival.  Looking forward to that!  We will be staying at the Ice Hotel.  Should be exciting…especially for those who love winter!

  SCHOOL STARTS TODAY!  I think I will wait until I get to Canada to start my lessons.  Satellite Meteorology and Hydrology!  Those are the two classes this semester. 


January 8, 2008: Change

January 8, 2008: Severe Weather Today/This Afternoon

  What a night last night was.  A historic tornado event for Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.  A huge outbreak for January.  Probably one of the largest and most intense events for Wisconsin, during the month of January, in recorded history (which goes back to 1844).  Numerous towns were hit by tornadoes.  A number of injuries and fatalities being reported.  A crazy night indeed.

  Springfield, Missouri had tornado warnings for their city and in/around their county for eight hours.  Scary night for Southwest, Missouri.

  Here is an incredible image from last night   Just one of many hook echoes across Southwest Missouri.  That storm moved over the City of Springfield.

  Severe weather will be likely across our region later today as the cold front approaches.  Instability is in question but it should be sufficient for thunderstorms to form after 11 a.m.  Storms should move out by evening.

  Stay tuned to local media and NOAA Weather Radio.


January 7, 2008: Severe Thunderstorms Possible…

  There will be a chance for severe thunderstorms across our region on Tuesday.  Looks like the main event will be anywhere from 8 a.m. through 4 p.m.  Stay tuned…could be an interesting event.   Too early to know exact details.  Decent threat for severe weather though.


January 6, 2008: Windy – Waiting – Watching :)

  A very windy day across our region.  It is warm as well!  Near record high temperatures.  100 year old temperature records were broken in Missouri.  So it is indeed WARM!  Winds have been gusting over 30 miles per hour all day.  Thunderstorms Monday Night and Tuesday.  No surprise there.

  No news yet on the land.  🙂 

  I am heading to Canada.  I believe I will be leaving on Friday.  Not set in stone just yet.  It will, of course, snow as soon as I leave.  lol  I guess I will have plenty of snow in Canada.  I will be gone about a month.  Once I return, SPRING will be near. 

  Sunset in second life tonight…

 A little island I found 🙂 with a nice sunset.


  Another little spot called Day Dreaming

  But the place I really like is a little meditation area that I found

Nice sunrise as well 🙂

Few other places I visited today 🙂

  I like the rabbit 🙂

January 5, 2008: Check out the snow in Romania!!!!!

  A major snowstorm has paralyzed portions of Europe over the last few days.  Some areas have measured snow in feet.  Romania reported over 2 feet of snow.  Here is a photo from Bucharest, Romania.  The photographs were taken by Aurelian Oancea.

  I am SOOOOO jealous!  I wonder how Mehai is handling the snow over there!!!!

  We may be looking at strong to severe storms in this region on Monday Night and Tuesday Morning.  Stay tuned.


Sunset tonight in Orange Bisbee…

Me watching the sunset tonight in Second Life – Location – Orange Bisbee

  Saw a great movie tonight.  Juno.  Well worth seeing.  A surprise.  I didn’t think it would be that good.  It was a great movie!  Highly recommend it.  I was reminded of one of my girlfriends Tanna.  I don’t know why.  I guess because of the music in it.  Reminded me of her – artsy.  Miss her.


January 5, 2008: Starry Starry Night…Metaverse

  This is the new world coming 🙂  The internet is evolving into something that I don’t think any of us can imagine.  The inspiration…the artistic and creativity that is coming will bring about that which will inspire millions.  Perhaps this song sums it all up.  If people would only listen to the words – the music around them – the unseen.  Inspiration is all around us – just waiting to be absorbed. 


 The above was created in Second Life – Metaverse.  It is the "new" internet.  A new world…a new space. 



January 4, 2008: Blah….:) “under the weather”

  Been sick the last day or so.   Went to the dentist and then was sick afterwards.  Guess I caught something from someone there.  Feeling lousy!  Guess I will rest.  No new news yet on the home front.  Maybe this week.  I will be heading to Canada later this week.  Not sure what day I am leaving.  Surely I will see snow up there!!!!

  Looks like we may have to think about severe thunderstorms across portions of our region on Monday and Tuesday.  Stay tuned.

  I will note that I have been able to get the date correctly so far this year!  I keep wanting to put 2007 – but I haven’t missed it yet!!!! 


January 2, 2008: SNOWING…OMG – it is actually snowing!

  It is 14 degrees outside and the wind chill is near zero.  There was little white flakes floating around.  I am fairly sure that it is SNOW.  Yes that is right I said SNOW.

  Here is a photo to prove that bigfoot errr I mean snow does exist.  We may need a blizzard warning soon. 


January 2, 2008: If I was a River – Tina Arena

I love these lyrics by Tina Arena 🙂



"If I Was A River"

If I was the sun
I would shine my light
To light your world
If I was the rain
I would wash your tears away
I keep your world right
Be your light in the night
If I was the sky
I would rain down love into your life

If I was a river
You would be my ocean
Every stream would lead me to your arms
And if
If I was a river
I’ll flow to you forever
Love would run forever in this heart of mine
If I, if I
If I was a river

If I was the wind
I would carry you
Above the clouds
And if I was the earth
I would be your solid ground
If I could I’ll be
All you ever would need
I would be your world
You’re the only world there is for me

If I was a river
You would be my ocean
Every stream would lead me to your arms
And if
If I was a river
I’ll flow to you forever
Love would run forever in this heart of mine
If I, if I
If I was a river

I’ll run into your arms
Into your arms
Oh yeah
I’ll run to you baby
Oh yeah

If I was a river
You would be my ocean
Every stream would lead me to your arms
And if
If I was a river
I’ll flow to you forever
Love would run forever in this heart of mine
If I, if I
If I was a river

and if you care enough then you can actually hear it sung here 🙂



January 1, 2008: Excitement is building…and building

  It now sounds like we might know a little bit more on Thursday or Friday of this week.  I am excited (but you knew that already).  I know this is meant to be.  Way too many things have happened to lead up to this day/event.  We shall see!  I know I am not supposed to get too excited but it is hard not to.  I am just trying not to get on everyones very last nerve.  So containing my excitement is anything but easy. 

  I guess I just have to wait a few more days.  I will be bouncing off the walls if this goes through.  I don’t know how we will tell mother.  It will be a HUGE surprise though.  That is for sure!!!!!  I have some ideas and plans.  🙂  We will see!

  Counting the minutes, hours, days!

   In the meantime…Lucy has sent us a photograph from Florida.  I think she is joining the Navy????

Lucy – obviously missing Daisy


January 1, 2008: The motto is INSPIRE TO BE INSPIRED!!!!!

  last years motto was "Force Change" and I think we did a good job of that.  That could be the understatement of the year (well last year).  Listening to your spirit led you to where you are today.  It is hard to hear that little voice inside of us.  There were so many noises around us – blocking the little voice that tries to steer us along.  It happens to all of us.  Many times I have to find someplace to just get away and LISTEN.  Then I have to LISTEN some more.  Eventually I hear that little voice…and she/he is NEVER wrong.  That voice is always right.  You just have to listen.

  I don’t know how many times that little voice managed to steer me in the right direction.  Sometimes I didn’t listen.  Sometimes I did.  I regret the times I didn’t.  Things didn’t seem to go the way I wanted them to…or perhaps the way they should have!  I guess I will never know on those subjects.

  So ANYWAY this is 20082007 is GONE.  Finished.  COMPLETE.  I hope that each one of us managed to change some things in our life that needed to be changed.  We all know what they are.  I don’t know what they are but you do!  Did you change anything?  I know I did!!!!  All for the better!

SO HERE WE ARE IN 2008!  I HAVE A NEW MOTTO FOR MYSELF.  Anyone can have a motto…this one happens to be mine.  If someone else picks up on it then best wishes!

  The 2008 motto is INSPIRE TO BE INSPIRED!  Inspire to be in love.  Inspire to find that perfect sunset.  Inspire to inspire others (a task that is not always easy).  Inspire to be the best that you can be in whatever you do.  Inspire is not a feeling.  It is an action.  It is something that you do.  It is something that you inspire to do for yourself.  It is making yourself the best that you can be.  You don’t have to be perfect to inspire people.  That most inspiring people are those who have been through great hardship and simply came out the other side as a survivor.  A better person for what they have been through.  Find your passion and use it to inspire others.

  Inspiring someone is like opening a new window into their heart.  It is that feeling that each one of us has experienced when we feel that "rush" of emotions when we know that what we have just experienced or felt has somehow touched or changed our lives.  It is taking that knowledge that story and using it to better others. 

  Learn what inspires  you.  Is it a summers rain?  Is it a rainbow in the sky after a storm?  What about a beautiful sunset or sunrise?  What about laying on the couch next to the person that loves you and whom you love back?  Listening to the ocean at the beach?  Watching a shooting star streak across the sky?  Is it the fresh flowers of spring?  Is it holding hands with a child?  Is if the heroic story of someone who has survived a tragic incident?  Someone who has overcome sickness and gone on to do great things?  Perhaps what inspires you would not inspire someone else.  There is nothing wrong with that! Just find that which INSPIRES YOU!  If you are inspired then you will be moved to action!  That is what inspiration does to us.  It drives us to greater heights.  From that we then inspire others!

  We are each made differently (thankfully).  We are each made so special that even that which inspires us is different.  This is what makes inspiration so beautiful.  It is unique to each of us.  Like a fingerprint on our hearts and souls.

  So in 2008 let’s strive to not only inspire but to BE IINSPIRED!  In order to inspire others you must first be INSPIRED!  Make sense?  Inspiration feeds on inspiration.  It is an action.  It is that which motivates us to greater heights in our personal life.  You don’t have to work at it.  Just be yourself.  Do those things that you enjoy in life. 

  BE INSPIRED – through whatever it is that you believe you can do to inspire and be inspired by another person.  Then watch those seeds of inspiration grow and multiply.  It is sort of like paying it forward but this time you are using your natural talents and abilities to change a persons heart, mind, and soul.  INSPIRE!