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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » February 8, 2008: Ice Hotel and Winter Carnival – Quebec City
Friday, February 8th, 2008

February 8, 2008: Ice Hotel and Winter Carnival – Quebec City

  So many photos and so little time!  I am worn out.  The whirlwind of the last 24 hours!  I did survive the ice hotel.  Thankfully!  I guess I was cold a few times in the night.  It was fun though and well worth the trip.  The hotel itself is about 45 minutes from Quebec City.  It is north in the hills.  Lot of snow up there!  Lot of snow down here as well!  So much snow that you can barely see over the piles of it as you drive the roads.  I love it – of course!

  I have a ton of photos to go through but here are a few from the hotel last night.  They keep the temperature around -4 to -7 Celsius – pretty cold.  I have to admit that if you run around without your gloves on then your fingers start to burn.  Just Say No to frostbite.  🙂  My motto (ever since that nasty little experience in Montreal a few years ago…but I digress).  Anyway, when it was time to get up this morning (8 a.m. they wake you up) you don’t dilly daddle.  YOU GET UP!  It is cold and it doesn’t take you long to realize that you either A) get you clothes on quickly or B) start losing body parts left and right!  I chose A of course.  It took me about 1 minute to get dressed.  lol  You can’t let your feet touch the ice either…so there is this odd dance of standing on the bed to put your pants on and then sliding your boots over to the side of the boot and slipping them on. 

  You also either get up or risk being photographed by the tourists, who show up around 9 a.m.  Now I am not shy (hush Kristy) but I don’t realllllly want to be photographed by a bunch of strangers in an ice hotel (never know where those photos might show up).  The dirty snow channel?  Anyway…

  Here are a few photos that I took last night – I will add more later.


That is what it looks like from up on the hill. 


One of the many carvings on the wall.  This is about seven to eight feet long and five to six feet tall.  Solid ice.



How about this for an ice carving!  This is about 11-12 feet tall and 15-16 feet wide. 




Another carbing on one of the ice walls.  Perhaps someone can guess who this is?  lol Shouldn’t be tooo



I loved this one!  Beautiful ship.  Huge piece of work in the ice.





Outside before sunset.  Looks cold?  🙂



  How about a chandelier made of ice?  🙂


 They even have a chapel for those who want to go to church.  Cold service.



How about we build our house out of ice?  We can even have a little ice cream bar.  🙂




This was the club inside of the hotel.  People standing around talking and dancing.  The music was
great!  Lot of remixes.  Just what I like. 


This is the club area – bad in the background there.  You can buy drinks, cokes, snacks.  Cold drinks of




Joey and David – those glasses they are drinking from are made of ice!


I ordered a Pepsi and figured I would get a nice glass made of ice but they gave me a cup.  LOL  So Joey
let me hold his "ice" glass.  It about slipped right out of my hands.  Pretty cool though!!!


This is the entrance of the Ice Hotel (the second entrance – somewhere I have some photos of the front as




TIME FOR BED!!!!  This was our room for the night.  A bit chilly don’t you think?  Sleeping on a block of ice is
like heaven for me.  I mean what more could a snow addicted winter weather weenie possibly want out of life? 
TO LIVE IN A HOTEL MADE OF ICE!!!!!  Now if I could just find some internet connections…


At least I didn’t have to worry about bedbugs.  🙂


The Ice Hotel – one of the many rooms and hallways. 






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