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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » February 12, 2008: My car is covered in snow!
Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

February 12, 2008: My car is covered in snow!

  Well – it snowed while I was gone!  More snow is starting to fall this evening. 

  WHAT A MESS back home.  Tommy says that there are trees down in Lone Oak – tree branches and power lines all over the place.  Massac County has been without power since yesterday.  It may be 1-2 days before power is restored.  The ice storm is about over but it has been a big one.  Police are asking people to stay home.  Livingston County, Kentucky has been shut down – emergency vehicles only are requested to be on the roads. 

  From the WPSD TV 6 Web-Site

4:24 p.m.- Paducah Police are requesting citizens who do not have to get out stay at home this evening and overnight. Road surfaces are refreezing and becoming hazerdous. If you must be out, police say be aware of deterorating road conditions and use caution.

4:12 p.m.-Area power outages-


1,220 Harrisburg
1,162 Anna Jonesboro
1,066 Metropolis/Brookport
698 Vienna
585 Marion


8,624 Cape Girardeau
1,569 Dexter
1,010 Jackson
721 Delta/Chaffee
425 Kelso/Benton/Miner


3,000 without power, majority in Livingston County near Burna, Salem, Joy and Lola. Other part is West McCracken/Ballard County Line, Kevil, West Paducah.

Patrick Kerr with Jackson Purchase says power will be out for some time, probably overnight. Encouraging people to find friends, family with power, or hotels or shelters. Also, if line down, don’t touch it and DO NOT try to hook up generator to their electric service, don’t hook it to panel or meter, could kill you or line workers!

 3:08 p.m.-The Livingston County Judge has issued an Executive Order restricting traffic on ALL roads in Livingston County to local traffic ONLY, for the remainder of the day, and County Judge Chris Lasher is advising local residents to not travel at all after sunset, with the exception of emergency vehicles only.
The US 60 Ledbetter Bridge is closed due to an accident. Several crashes are being reported and traffic is backed up in both directions.


   Meanwhile here in Waterloo, Ontario




Snow is just starting to fall here in Waterloo.  Light snow so far.


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