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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » February 19, 2008: Evening in Zurich…
Sunday, February 17th, 2008

February 19, 2008: Evening in Zurich…

  Spent the afternoon and evening wondering around Zurich.  Zurich really is a beautiful place to visit.  The architecture here is just wonderful.  Europe in general has some amazing architecture.  The cobblestone streets that cover Zurich make it a cool place just to daydream and gaze into all of the shop windows.  They go all out here to decorate the windows.  Lots of pizzazz!  We found a big music store that had some instruments in the display.  I thought about Sue and her years of music teaching. 

  The evening was chilly…not cold though.  Temperatures were around 40 degrees.  A perfect sunset behind the hills to the west.  You could see the silhouette of the church steeples and buildings.  See the photograph below.  Peaceful.  A perfect evening all the way around.

  We had a hard time finding a restaurant though.  A lot of places are closed on Sunday (most places for that matter).  So we found a nice little restaurant near the Limmat  River (this is the body of water you see in a lot of the photographs).  Anyway, so we went inside and it was a bit nicer than what we wanted or expected.  Nevertheless, we were here now…and we were quite hungry.  So we decided just to stay. 

  A nice well dressed gentleman met us at the door, so I nodded and said "good evening …we would like a table for two."  He said, OK.  He walked around a bit and then came back and asked me something.  Well, my ear was full of water from taking a shower earlier in the afternoon.  Somehow I managed to get the water a bit further into my ear than normal.  So everything sounded sort of muffled.  So I looked at him and said "just for two please."  He said, again, "no no how long for the table would you like."  I looked at Joey and shrugged my shoulders and looked back at the gentleman.  I said "just long enough for two people will be fine."  I kept thinking to myself "why would it matter how long the table was?"  So he sighed and ruffled his brow a bit.  He said in a slightly louder voice and harsher tone "no no how LONNGGGG will you be staying with us to eat tonight."  I said OHHHHH well just long enough to eat.  lol  He said "so maybe two hours?"  "Maybe one hour?"  I said "no no one hour will be the longest we will stay." 

  So needless to say that at times things are lost in translation.  I am sure he thought "stupid Americans."   lol



Here are some photos I took this evening – Zurich, Switzerland

Joey on the steps of one of the streets in Zurich – there are so many little streets here.
One could become easily lost if it were for all the large church steeples to help guide
your way back and forth.


Lammat River in the background…





Moon rising between two church towers


The moon over Zurich this evening



Larger photo here – my favorite photo of the evening


Toy Store with antique trains and wind up toys



We found a nice music store, which made me think about Sue Henry back in Paducah.







So David said that all of the mannaquins looked distressed in Zurich.  Joey and I have decided the same.  Some of them look like they need to be redressed as well.  I don’t get some of these outfits!  Perhaps my sisters will appreciate them a bit more than I did.







The is the ugliest dress I have ever seen (sorry if anyone reading this
actually owns that dress).  lol



Again – YEEEESH 🙂

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