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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » May 9, 2008: Post-Birthday :)
Friday, May 9th, 2008

May 9, 2008: Post-Birthday :)

  Well, yesterday was my birthday.  I forget how old I am now.  I guess that happens as you get ummm older!  🙂  I went out to eat with my mother last night, along with Dione and Tommy.  Mariah wasn’t feeling well.  We went to a new restaurant in Paducah – Renaissance.  They had great food and a nice environment.  I will definitely be going back.

  We sold a house yesterday!  Closed.  Done deal!  So that is good news.  Now if we could sell Ashcreek!!!!

  My friend David sent me some nice flowers.  The whole apartment smells nice now!

  No new news on the progress at the farm.  Just waiting on some final paperwork from the bank.  Everything is finished though and it belongs to us.  Just need to get the documents.  We will start the excavating process within a week or two.

  So it was a good birthday!  Selling that house was important because we are taking that money and using it to build mothers house.  So everything is working out nicely.

  The severe weather has missed our region – the last couple of rounds.  We could see some more threats on Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.  It looks particularly bad to our south.  I am afraid that Arkansas might get hit hard.  Not good news for that area.  They have had several major tornado outbreaks over the last few weeks/months.

  Gas is nearing or above 3.60 in Paducah.  OUCH.



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