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Archive: May 30th, 2008

May 30, 2008: Life is getting busy!

  Well, never a dull moment.  That is for sure.  We went to visit the farm this morning.  We took Tyler with us (my nephew).  David and I spent an hour or so digging out an old "clothes line" pole.  My mother wanted it saved (before they start to excavate.  So we dug it out.  It was my grandmothers.  I think it was about 4 feet deep into the ground.  It took a bit of work.  🙂  We got it though!

  We then marked off the Oak Tree to make sure the excavators stay away from it.  Otherwise they are going to start clearing out the old dead trees and brush.  The current plan is to behin on Monday.  We are supposed to meet them up there bright and early.  We shall see!

  We then headed back to Mayfield.  Everyone had to take showers.  I found six ticks on me – one of them bit me.  The other ones were just crawling.  I have never seen so many ticks.  Just horrible this year.  Even when I lived on the farm I don’t recall there being this many.  Have to watch those critters.  I would imagine that I have picked about 20 of them off of me over the past few weeks.  Three bites.  I try to catch them early – and spray with the "anti" bug spray.  Doesn’t seem to always work.

  We went to an auction these evening.  Tried to buy some apartments.  They went too high though and we walked away.  Maybe next time.

  Looks like some severe weather in the coming days.  A bit iffy at this point – will keep watching the situation.  There is a risk on both Friday and Saturday.