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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » June 1, 2008: Dodson Road and Dodson/Emerson Cemetary
Saturday, May 31st, 2008

June 1, 2008: Dodson Road and Dodson/Emerson Cemetary

  David took me down a road today named after our family.  We were in search of an old school house – Dodson School to be exact.  We did not find it.  We ended up on a gravel road with a gate that kept us from getting to our destination.  We did, however, find an old cemetery.   The Dodson/Emerson Cemetery.  They misspelled the name (perhaps we can get that fixed).

  We discovered some graves, of our family, back to the 1700s!!!!!!!!!

  So we arrived at this grown up area in Graves County.  Nothing but brush and trees.  You could barely see into some of the forested areas.  The mosquitoes were everywhere – tics crawling – hot, about 87 degrees and humid!  It was like stepping back in time once we got in there.  These old gravestones that have been untouched for who knows how many years.  At first we could not find anything.  We looked and looked.  There was just so much brush.  Finally David spotted a couple of tombstones.  These were the Emerson’s.  We are still working on how they are connected to the Dodson family.  After finding the Emerson Tombstones we started looking for the Dodson’s.

  I finally climbed up in a tree stand, that someone had built for deer hunting, and looked around the forest.  Nothing.  It was just too grown up.  We decided to go back to the car and look at the map.  We looked in one last place, while swatting mosquitoes and sweating, we found an area that was grown up and over with brush and weeds – about four-five feet high.  We spotted a grave and then another.  One was sticking up like a monument – about four feet high or so. 

  We climbed our way through the brush and made it to the first stone – DODSON was written on it.  We found what we were looking for.  Then we found a few more.  We decided to go back to the car to get some brush clippers.  We clipped for awhile – about an hour.  Finally cleaned everything up and you could see all of the tombstones.  At the end of the day we were still missing a few.  We will have to go back!

  I am going to have to ask Tony if he can help us find out if the old Dodson Schoolhouse is still on the property (photo below of fields).  I am going to have to get some of my family to go out there as well!

Dodson Line

Asa Dodson born May 28 1780 – Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  Died August 20, 1855 – Graves County, Kentucky.  He and his first wife have tombstones in the old Dodson Cemetary.  This cemetary is located in southern Graves County just north of Pryorsburg, Kentucky. 

Asa married Nancy Wolverton on September 13, 1803.  She was born February 23, 1782.  She died June 28, 1854.  She is the daughter of Andrew Wolverton.  And Susan Cawthorne.  Asa was 75 when he married Susan.  He died five months later. 

In October 1818 Asa and Nancy Dodson sold all of their land in Pulaski County, KY.  In 1819 he bought land in Maury County, TN.

  Photos from today

Dodson Road – the road that leads to the Dodson School House.


This is the land where the school is/was located.   Our family used to own this land in Graves County.


The sign for the cemetery – Christopher Beau  Dodson (Derek)



Elizabeth Dodson – December 12, 1825 – 1898


Elizabeth Dodson – December 12, 1825 – 1898


Four Dodson Tombstones lined up



George W. Martin – Died 1888




Albert Emerson Died January 1888


Emerson Grave Stone – we are unsure, at this point, of who the Emerson’s are.  They are buried in front of
the Dodson’s.  David is working on that subject.


Irwin E. Emerson Born July 28, 1878 and Died February 2, 1907


Emerson Graves


Asa Dodson – 1780-1855

Asa Dodson – May 28, 1780 – August 20, 1855


Nancy Wolverton 1782-1850


Nancy Wolverton


Thomas Dodson – 1812-1892





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