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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » June 2, 2008: Exciting Days!!!!
Sunday, June 1st, 2008

June 2, 2008: Exciting Days!!!!

  I am beside myself with excitement.  David is down visiting from Canada, he has never stayed this long in Kentucky before.  I don’t believe he has caught the :"southern fever" – at least not yet.  Deena told him that he was starting to fit in a bit too much.  I think that scared him.  He has not been saying ya’all very much.  He will get there…he will get there.

  We moved through MAJOR brush today in a cemetery.  I did at least – Tony and Joey did as well.  Deena cleared out one area and jumped into the middle of some large brush piles and started looking for graves.  We found a BUNCH.  To say the least.  One snake and two tics later we were able to dig out some very old graves.  We are unsure who they are – at this moment.  I will continue to dig a bit and see what we can find out.

  We also have discovered the old farm census/tax records concerning what our great great grandfathers owned.  I think we go back four greats on the Dodson side and perhaps seven or eight on the Verbarg side.  WAY back.

  I see a trip to Germany in the future.   We want to find out a few things about our family over there.  If I understand correcntly they have pieced it back to the 1500s. We are also working on one of our family members who member Abraham Lincolns Aunt.  Now that will be COOL!!!!

  I still like the war hero weatherman!  🙂  Can’t beat that.  Trying to contact TWC about getting the dvd set for their special storm stories on the subject.  Waiting for them to email me back.  We shall see!!!

  Tomorrow the landscaping begins.  Wait…not tomorrow – TODAY!  They begin landscaping today at 8 AM.  SO HERE WE GO EVERYONE!!!!!!!



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