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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » June 27, 2008: Busy days…
Friday, June 27th, 2008

June 27, 2008: Busy days…

  Well, life has certainly been interesting over the last few days.  Busy is the best word that I can find to describe everything.

  The fair is this week so there is a bit of weather watching to do.  We had some heavy thunderstorms in Paducah last night.  Strong winds and heavy rain – ton of lightning.  Not the best weather for the fair (at least last night).  More storms this afternoon and evening.  Just enough to keep me watching radar.  There is also the relay for life over in Livingston County, KY.  That is an all night event.

  HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!  Temperatures have been in the nineties all week long.  Not a fan.  No pun intended.  I would rather have snow.  That is just me though.  🙂  It will cool off on Sunday through Tuesday.  I can live with that forecast!

  We met with Precision Audio this afternoon.  I had no idea that so much went into planning the electrical side of ummm electronics!  We are trying to figure out how to do the movie room.  They had a lot of ideas.  We will have to explore options. 

  Tomorrow is an important day.  We are meeting with a man from Evansville Indiana.  He installs solar panels, wind turbines, and solar hot water heaters.  We also are meeting one from the St Louis area.  That won’t be until next week.  I am excited about the prospects of having a portion of the electricity run by solar power.  🙂  We shall see how it turns out!

  David has been helping us a lot.  He can see things that we can not.  That is always helpful.  I think he is having a good time as well.  With his engineering mind – he likes projects.  He is at least helping to relieve a bit of the stress.

  We also met with Don, the architect, yesterday.  That meeting went extremely well.  He is doing an AMAZING job of pulling everything together.

  We have moved back to Ashcreek.  I think I mentioned that though.  Daisy is NOT happy at all.  Apparently she has decided that she does not like the hardwood floors.  I have no idea why.  This has not been a problem in the past.  She won’t walk on them.  She is totally freaked out.  She lived here for the first year of her life.  She was fine at that time.  Now – no go on the wood floors.  Won’t walk on them.  So if anyone has some ideas 🙂 please let me know!

  Daisy visited the farm, for the first time yesterday, and I guess she liked it.  The weather was hot – Pugs do not like hot weather.  She will live though!

  Everything is moving along – swiftly but orderly.  I hope to start a footer, up on the farm, by the end of July or August.  Hopefully!

  I am heading to Washington D.C., in the middle of July, for a weather conference.  Should be fun.

  Dione and Tommy have situated themselves at their new home.  I need to go visit!  It has been so busy lately.  Also, Deena and Tony think they have sold their home as well.  If that is true then I am not sure what they will do!  We also sold a lot – we have two for sale.  We have sold one – we also sold the last new house we built.  I told Sue last week that Joey buried this St Joseph statue in our front yard – supposed to help sell a house.  Every house has sold but ours.  I call it collateral blessings.  🙂 lol  Maybe this one will sell next – now if we can get Sue and Jack to sell theirs – we will be set.

  Here are some photos from Ashcreek – Daisy 🙂

Her island of refuge.

We took Daisy to the farm.  HER FIRST TIME OUT THERE.  This was her look when she got out of the car.  🙂



One of the fields near Round Knob.  Thought this was pretty – this farm adjoins ours.



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