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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » June 30, 2008: SWISH and June was gone…
Monday, June 30th, 2008

June 30, 2008: SWISH and June was gone…

  Well, that is it.  July is ALMOST here.  Soooooo, hazy – hot – humid?  I hope not.  Unfortunately, it will probably be just that.  When does winter begin?  🙂  I can almost hear Jason saying "not soon enough."  Another snow fan – for those who don’t already know that!

  Anyway, I will be patient.  Winter will be here soon enough (well, soon enough for most people).

  The last few days have been busy.  We have water at the farm now!  The well has been repaired and water once again flows.  In about six months we should have county water.  Hopefully.  We spent yesterday with family.  Tony celebrated his birthday!  We went to eat and then to see the new movie – Wall-E.  It was great.  I think everyone enjoyed the movie.   We also went to see Tommy and Dione’s new house.  This was the first time I have seen the inside of their new residence.  They have a beautiful house with a GREAT backyard.  Peaceful.  You can hear the wind blowing through their big Oak Tree in the back.  🙂  Very nice.



  I have been busy trying to become more organized around here.  There is TOOOOO much stuff.  It seems like "stuff" accumulates faster than a person can get rid of it.  Paper, mail, wires, more wires.  lol  So, once again I am going through everything and trying to "refine" the amount of stuff.  We shall see how this works out.

  David is leaving for Canada tomorrow morning.  I believe his flight is at 6 AM.  Too early for me!  He will be in Canada by early afternoon.

  Julie and Danny are in CANADA as well!  They took a road trip.  BIG road trip it appears.  They are spending the night at Niagara Falls and then moving on to Ohio tomorrow.  I believe that is their plans.

  Hopefully everyone has a safe trip.

  We went to Woodlawn Cemetary this afternoon.  We placed a flag on Robert Dodson Seniors gravestone.

I took this photograph of the Jesus statue.  Pretty clouds today.

  Other than that – homework, housework, farmwork, and everything else under the sun.  We sold one of our lots in Mayfield.  That means we have one lot left.  That is it.  Both houses have sold and one lot.  That leaves one more lot AND Ashcreek.  Sue needs to sell her place as well – so I will add that to the "wish would sell" list!



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