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Archive: July 5th, 2008

July 5, 2008: Nice day out…

  The journey is the dream.  Don’t let anyone tell u that the journey is a destination.  It’s not.  The destination is the process along the way…the steps along the journey’s path that you must take in order to fulfill destiny.  All of it is the journey – all of it is the destination.  Today is now…the present journey that leads to the next day and another step along the journeys path.  One day you look back and see that all of those steps make up "a journey".  Sometimes it is easy to focus on the end game, the goal, the destination.  In doing this we miss the path along the way – we miss our life as it passes us by.  Enjoy the journey. 

  Kept busy today trying to reconstruct a web-site.  Rather lengthy process. 

  It is beautiful outside.  I was out on the deck for awhile.  Temperatures are nice…breeze is nice.  Daisy sat outside for a long time.  She likes to watch the birds.

  I worked on the house plans for awhile.  Trying to figure out how big the deck/porch should be – how it should look on the southwest/sunset side of the house.  Also trying to work through the green ideas.  There are a lot!  We are meeting with Don (the architect) on Monday morning.  I need to have everything figured out by then.  I say everything…rather loosely.  🙂

  I am going to my class reunion tonight.  This is the first one I have attended.  Should be fun.  Hopefully.  🙂


Daisy enjoying the holiday weekend.  Lucy eat your heart out!!!

So spoiled.


Snoring away…


July 4, 2008: Happy Birthday America