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Archive: July 6th, 2008

July 7, 2008: Tired…but good!

  It has been a long few weeks.  All good though!  We have been staying busy with the house projects, school, selling properties, trying to move back into Ashcreek, and a thousand other little things!  The moments of peace come when I visit the farm.  I feel so relaxed up there.  Hard to explain but it is a great feeling.

  I went to the class reunion last night.  I have to admit that it was a bit weird seeing all of my old classmates.  This is the first reunion that I have attended.  My first one was missed due to circumstances.  I was glad that I attended this one. 

  I saw a number of my old classmates.  It was so nice to see so many friends from Jefferson School.  There aren’t many schools like Jefferson left.  So I count myself as fortunate to have been able to attend.  It was a small school, we only had about 20 kids in our 8th grade class.  🙂  Smaller is better when it comes to classes in school.  We all grew very close to each other.

  I visited with several of my neighbords, including Jennifer Quint (who lived down the road from me).  She didn’t know I bought the farm back.  She was happy to find the news out.  I am sure her mother will be happy as well…although she has moved back to Metropolis.

  It has been a tiring day today.  Not sure why.  Trying to work on this archive page for a weather project.  I added a couple of hundred files today.  I still have over a 1000 to go.  🙂  If I can do a few every day then perhaps I can get it finished.

  School is moving forward.  I was lazy last week and didn’t do all my homework.  That means double work this week.  🙂  Once I get started though it usually moves fast.  So I will get it done!  Three more major tests in each class.  Then I am finished.  For this semester at least.

  I am leaving next week for Washington D.C.  There is a weather conference going on.  I am looking forward to attending.  Should be fun.  David and Joey are also going.  They will be seeing the sites in Washginton.  I am not sure what we will do afterwards.  Most likely come home…then again we may decide to go somewhere else.  Drive to the ocean perhaps?  Who knows.

  Sometimes I think it is easier to be honest with someone else other than ourselves.  It has been a long road to get from point A to B.  Being addicted to alcohol and drugs since I was twelve years old is something a person should never have to go through.  I can’t remember the number of nights that I battled the desire to drink or use.  It would be in the thousands.  Getting away from all of that wasn’t and isn’t easy.  It has taken many years.   Having been sober for the past few years makes me feel great.  I don’t lie to myself though and think that the battle is somehow magically over.  It never is.  So I am told. 

  For now we celebrate the successes of our lives.  There is much to be thankful for and I was reminded last night that I am doing exactly what everyone thought I would be doing.  Weather.  🙂  Not many people get to do what they want in life, so I count myself among the lucky ones.  Following my passions and dreams.

  Behind all of these achievements are a group of people who helped me through it all.  I am and will always be thankful for the kindness of friends and family – for the patience of the saints and the steadfastness of those who believe in themselves and me.