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Archive: July 13th, 2008

July 13, 2008: Dione was on the History Channel!!!!

  Dione, who made a video for training "Dippin’ Dots" workers, appeared on the History Channel last week!  I think the show has aired several times, but this is the first time we have been able to watch it.  She was on the show "Modern Marvels".

  I took these photos with my camera – not the best way to capture images off tv, but 🙂

  Dione is famous now!!!!  🙂  Anyone who would like her autograph – please mail $25 with
a self addressed-stamped envelop to my house.  You can print out these photos and I will
personally make sure she signs it (or a responsible adult over the age of 18).  Please allow
up to 1 year for delivery.  Not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, misplaced, or misspelled
names.  Cash only.  We do not mail to hotels, motels, jails, prisons, or Canada.

  Also the "Dione" fan-club will be taking applications for vice-president and secretary.  Please
enclose a $100, non-refundable, application fee with your information (references not required).
Anyone under the age of 18 may not apply. 


Dione Stanford on Modern Marvels!

Dione is famous now!!!!


July 13, 2008: Sunday…

  Well, we received some decent rainfall overnight.  It rained three different times here in Lone Oak.  The first storms rolled through yesterday afternoon.  Winds gusted to nearly 45 mph here at my house.  The trees were swaying back and forth.  Then a second storm formed right over top us later in the evening and a third line moved through around 1 AM.  SOOOO – it rained!!!  About time.  We needed moisture…my grass is turning brown.

  It is beautiful outside today.  Sun is shining and the birds are singing.  The dew points are lower as well.  I love it!

  We are celebrating Mariah’s SIXTEEN birthday today.  SIXTEEN?????  Where does time go!  We are going to eat out and then go over to Dione and Tommy’s house.

  I get four tests back today from school.  Hoping for good grades.  The teacher has already warned us that next semester is going to be difficult.  Thermodynamics.  Lovely.  Math.  🙁  🙂  Not a fan!  Need to make it through the fall semester though.  He did say we would learn a lot.  So that is the upside.

  Nothing new on the home building front.  We did sell a "lot" down in Mayfield.  This was a lot that adjoined one of the houses we built.  Now all we have is one lot left.  🙂  That and Ashcreek.  Sue needs to sell her house as well!  So crossing fingers and toes on all counts.

  Speaking of Sue – Caesar, Sue, and myself went to eat out last week.  I had a great time catching up on what Caesar is doing and listening to Sue talk "photography".  🙂  She has a new web-site with some of her photographs.  They are amazing!!!

Sue Henry Photos <—check it out!

  I need to hear from Kristy!  Kristy my phone was fried a few weeks ago and I tried to call your numbers…they didn’t work.  SO CALL ME 🙂 or EMAIL ME some new numbers!!!

  Otherwise, let me see here.  Daisy is doing great.  She is watching the "birdies" right now out on the porch.  She enjoyed watching the rain and lightning last night as well.  She likes storms.  I took her outside when it stormed, when she was a puppy, in hopes that she wouldn’t be scared of lightning and thunder.  🙂  Now if we could just get her to play in the snow.

  Not much else going on…guess that is enough.  I am heading for Washington D.C., on Wednesday.  Weather conference.  🙂

  Tommy and Dione went to Florida last week.  Danielle went with them.  Deena sent me this photo.  🙂