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Archive: July 14th, 2008

July 14, 2008: Mariah’s Birthday Party…

  We went out to eat last night with the family.  Mariah celebrated her 16th birthday.  Her birthday is actually tomorrow, Wednesday.  🙂  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIAH!  THE BIG 16!!!!  Now she can drive.  🙂


Mariah with her boyfriend Chayton

Danielle and Ashton





Mariah eating her birthday ice cream 🙂




Mariah opening gifts…Tommy and Dione got her a
laptop computer. 


Sparky 🙂




July 14, 2008: South Pole Weather :)

  I was just checking some observations and…….I WOULD TAKE IT!!!!

July 14, 2008: Moments in time…

  There are moments in time in which I take a breath, looks up at the sky, and sighs.   I look at the puffy clouds drifting towards the horizon.  I feel the warm summer wind blow through my hair.  Fireflies flicker…crickets chirp…leaves rustle.  I have arrived at a "moment".  Shared only by me and mother nature.  Where I find myself feeling so small in a world so large. 

  These moments can occur at any time.  They aren’t on accident though.  They happen when I open my eyes and look around.  They happen when I stop, put the camera down, turn the radio off, put the blackberry down, and pause.  Listening to the stillness of air.  No media.  No electronics.  No glass.  Just nature.  Just heaven and sky. 

  A oneness comes in those moments that can’t really be explained in words.  It could be…but words are so limited in scope of what I am describing.  It is the human element…emotion.  Feelings.  Just being.  A oneness with myself.

  I don’t know how many of these moments I have missed in my lifetime.  Thousands?  Tens of thousands?  I will never know.  I know I miss more of these moments than I enjoy.  I know that I are blind to more than I see.  Deaf to more than I hear.

  If I had one wish in life it would be for simplicity.  A return to that which made me laugh as a child.  Watching a shooting star and dreaming about today…not tomorrow.  Listening to raindrops hit the grass.  Feeling the rumble of thunder…rolling along the hillsides of the countryside.  Catching a firefly in a jar and letting it loose in the house.  Being one with the wind.  Breathing.  Leaning over the railroad bridge…kicking the gravel beneath my feet and watching stones tumble to the tracks below.  Hearing the train in the distance…its whistle blowing.  Smiling as the caboose approaches and waving at the man standing by the back rail.

  There will come a day when I will walk away from everything.  I will disappear into the darkness.  The blogs will go silent.  I will get in my car and drive.  I will get on a plane and go.  Leaving the madness of technology behind…stop listening to the news…stop caring about that which I can’t control.  Caring only about the moments.  The distant lightning, the meteors streaking through the sky, the rushing waters of a stream. 

  When will this happen?  I don’t know.  Somehow, I think it won’t be as long as I think.  But, for now we stay the course we are on.  🙂