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Archive: July 24th, 2008

July 24, 2008: Time keeps on ticking…

  As the saying goes!  We are in a waiting/hold pattern.  Everything from moving to (insert anything and everything) is dependent on this deal going through.  We might hear something today…I doubt it though.  We should know something by the end of the weekend though.  I HOPE.  We shall see.  What else can I say?  🙂  Maybe, could be, might be, we shall see.  🙂

  We are looking at some apartments in northern Graves County.  They have been on the market for 3 (YES THREE) years.  Long time.  Sort of scary.  Market is slow, although we have done okay during the past few months.  So, I can’t complain about the market. 

  Finals are next week.  I "NEED" to start thinking about those.  I also have one quarterly test left.  No shortage of "things to do".

  David is back down from Canada.  I think he is having a good time.  We have all joined a gym.  I already feel better!  Exercise definitely is a plus.

  I need to track down Julie.  It has been awhile since we have gone out to eat.  A LONG while!  She visited Canada a few weeks ago.  Danny went with her.  I am anxious to hear her stories.

  Hmmm…what else is going on?  The St John’s Ice Cream Social is tonight.  That will be held over in Massac County.  We are going!  Should be fun.  Weather is hot, but nice.

  We heard back from the architect.  He is going to try and have something for us by the end of next week.  We can then move forward.  We have not 100% made up our minds as to just what we are building.  We need to get some pricing first.