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Archive: July 28th, 2008

July 28, 2008: Sue has some wonderful photos on her site…

Check it out…she is amazing!!!!



July 28, 2008: MOVING! :) Offer on apartments…new archive website is up

  Finals are over!  I got an A in Applied Climate!  Very excited about the grade.  The class dealt a lot on global warming and building energy efficient houses!  TIMELY!    I am still waiting on my radar final.  Will know soon!

  We started moving today.  Moved a lot of  "plastic" containers.  I switched to plastic a few weeks ago.  SOOO much easier to move everything around and keep items safe!

  Here is the new place 🙂 – four blocks away.  FAST move.

  Ashcreek – inspection is finished with no problems.  Now we wait.  This appears to be a done deal.  Now, Sue and Jack need to sell their house.  CROSSING FINGERS and sending good thoughts their way!

  I have finished a severe weather archive site.  Exciting I know.  The website is www.convectiveoutlook.com  The site is an archive of high risk severe weather days.

  We have an offer on the apartments in Graves County.  Waiting for a phone call to see if it works out.  I am hoping we get these.  They are fairly new and they are nice.  There is enough room to build 2 more on the property.  That would be another project.  🙂  Sooooo – hoping to hear something on the apartments.

  Wagner moving is going ot move our heavy stuff (we did it last time).  I am tired of moving…so this time we will let someone else do the job.

  We are hoping to hear something on the farm this Friday.  We are waiting for the architect to finish the next stage.  Friday could be the day.  🙂  We shall see.

  HOT weather around here.  Temperatures are in the 90s with heat indexes above 100.  NOT my kind of weather.  How long until fall???  🙂  When we will get back from Rome it will nearly be fall.  I am already smiling just thinking about it.