Sunday, August 10th, 2008

August 10, 2008: Ready to go! Heading for Nashville and Toronto…then Rome

  We have almost finished packing for Toronto and then Italy.  Few more items to tuck away into the suitcase.  Trying to get some of my camera equipment together.  Trying not to forget anything important!  Trying to keep this down to 2 bags!  One small one with my lap top and then my regular clothes bag.  Sort of hard to do.  :)  Working on it.

  The new people, who moved into Ashcreek, are very nice.  They have three children.  I met with them after the sale on Friday and walked them through the house.  Told them all of the ins/outs of the place.  I think and believe that they will be very happy there.  I told them that it was a wonderful house for family activities.  Hopefully they will be happy there…for a very long time!


Kristy will be happy to know that Cheetah is planning on going to see the Pope.  :)


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