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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » August 13, 2008: We have arrived in Rome.
Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

August 13, 2008: We have arrived in Rome.

  We have finally arrived in Rome.  None the more worn or torn from the experience.  We never did get bored on the plane and we never did get tired of the adventure.  It was fun.  A bit sketchy from time to time but still…an adventure to remember.

  We arrived in Rome at 4 AM this morning…at the hotel.  The customs experience was simple – no questions asked.  Stamped our passports and on we were.  It took longer to get the luggage than it did to go through security.  We almost thought they lost David’s luggage because it was the last piece out.

  Anyway, we had a nice cab ride into Rome.  We were able to see several very old buildings and structures on the way into the city.  Some were illuminated with golden lights.  It was still dark out, though.  The moon was nearly full, or so it appeared.  I have not check the calendar to see what stage the moon is in.  Looked nice though from the airplane window.

  We will be exploring Rome tomorrow.  Need to sleep first, of course.  At least a few hours.

  Here are some more photos from yesterday’s adventure and earlier today.

Joey standing around…waiting on the bus to arrive.  The bus will take us back to the airport so we can
leave Newfoundland.

David walking around the army barracks.  Getting ready to head out like the two of us

Our bus driver.  Heading back to the airport.  I love the trees here.  🙂  You can tell we are
at the high latitudes.

The buses the drove us back to the airport from the army base.

Beau in Goose Bay, Newfoundland

This is where everyone had breakfast this morning.

That would be our new plane that is taking us out of here.

The new plane and the broken plane.  Together.  Not many other planes at this airport. 


Joey is by the window.  He can keep an eye on the
engine for us.  🙂

  We we have made it just fine to Italy.  It appears that we will have hot weather in the day and mild weather at night.  It looks cloudy this morning but then again I have not had time to check the weather.  Just now getting up and starting to join the land of the living.  A little jet lagged but nothing serious.


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