Saturday, August 16th, 2008

August 15, 2008: Venice, Italy

  Here are some photography that I took in Venice on Friday afternoon and evening


Joey walking down on of the many small alley ways in the City of Venice.  It rained most of the evening.  We
even had heavy thunderstorms with strong winds! 


At the restaurant last night


Joey waiting on his dinner


A rainy night in Venice, Italy



Our water taxi awaits us in Venice!


Venice, Italy – Evening


Making our way to the hotel on the water taxi



Venice, Italy







Our water taxi drive









When we first arrived in Italy (back tracking a bit) we had to get into a water taxi.  This is how you get around
portions of the city.  The streets are made of water.  So here we are in the boat heading for the hotel.


This was our water taxi driver


Venice, Italy








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