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Archive: September 21st, 2008

September 21, 2008: Sunday. Happy Birthday Daddy

  Well, it has been a cloudy day across our region.  We had some light rain over the last few days.  Nothing significant, though.  At least not here in Lone Oak.  Portions of the area did receive thunderstorms. 

  Today is daddy’s birthday.  🙂  So, happy birthday to him! 

  I have been moving computer files all day.  Trying to get everything backed up…that way if I have another crash it won’t be a big deal.  🙂  Taking forever.  I have moved hundreds of thousands of files.  That includes photographs, text files, documents, and so on!  Amazing how many files these hard drives have on them.

  Tomorrow I am meeting Tony and my dad at the new apartments here in Paducah.  We are trying to figure out if we can turn the one small building into an apartment.  After that I have to be in Mayfield.

  Looks like a little bit of homework this week…going to leave on Wednesday and take a break for a week.  When I get back I will have two major tests and midterms.  Not looking forward to any of that.  I have to make good grades on the midterm – it is 30% of my overall grade.  So, I will enjoy the one week break and then hit the books hard.

  Not much else to report!  Everything is going well on most fronts.



September 21, 2008: Thumbing through some old photos :)

Me – Deena – Dione – at Deena’s Birthday Party 🙂 


Mariah – the beauty queen 🙂


Daddy – Deena – Dylan


Deena, Dione, and me at  Disney World 🙂


Was I really that small 🙂  I am getting the Little House on the Prairie Vibe.




My dad and me.  Looks like 4 candles there. 


Wilbert putting mother into a high chari on the old farm


Me up on the farm – must have been my birthday.  8 years old?  I think?


When I used to play baseball 🙂  – Proof I played!


Nice hat 🙂 – I wonder who made me wear that 😛


Then of course, there is this checkered shirt.   They made me wear the freakin picnic blanket????


Me – Grandmother – Deena – Looks like grandmother’s birthday party


And probably one of my scarier photos 🙂

Very Large Glasses – CHECK
Large Ears – CHECK
Bad Hair Cut – Check
Homemade Denim Jeans and Vest – Check

Family Farm – Sunset


Dione and Deena 🙂 with grandpa