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September 8, 2008: Tyler’s first football game…




Tony put that together.  🙂


September 7, 2008: 8 cent gas :)

  Gail, said that I needed to give up my secret gas station location.  That gas station is SuperValu Foods.  We buy grocercies there and you get a discount on your gas.  This time it ended up being enough savings that gas was only 8 cents a gallon!!!!

  Watching hurricane Ike in the Caribbean.  Cuba will be SLAMMED.  Unfortunately, it looks like a direct hit.

  Ike will head into the Gulf of Mexico during the coming days.  Current landfall could be from Texas over to Alabama.  Still too early to determine that.  Intensity is an unknown.  Leaning towards a category three.  Too early to know.  It will likely be a hurricane, unless Cuba can destroy it with its landmass.  Unlikely.


September 6, 2008: School!

  Well, my time is being consumed by homework.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of homework.  Supposedly this is the hardest semester.  I hope that is correct.  I can’t imagine one being more difficult.  I should say that I don’t want to imagine one being more difficult.  I have taken 2 quizzes and one test so far!  I need to take one more test this weekend.  That would put me slightly ahead in the class.  Which, would be a good thing.

  I guess Kristy survived a glancing blow from Hanna.  Not a big deal.  Bit of rain and wind…waves.  Ike, on the other hand, could be a real mess as it nears Cuba and the Keys.  We will have to watch the eventual path of this system.  I believe it will move into the Gulf of Mexico and strike the Florida Panhandle area.  Models are alllllll over the place.  Some hit Texas – others hit Louisiana.  We shall see.  I am going with an Alabama to the Florida Panhandle strike.  Intensity…stay tuned.

  Other than that – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIELLE!!!!!!  The BIG thirteen!!!!!!!  🙂  She is having a big party this weekend.  We are all getting together on September 11th.  It is also going to be Daddys birthday and Dylans! 

  Dylan won his first ballgame, last night.  🙂  SO CONGRATS TO HIM!!!!

  Check out what I paid for gas today!!!!!!!!!


September 2, 2008: Homework and then more homework

  Seems like everything centers around homework, over the last week.  That and house plans, and hurricanes, and looking at properties.  Homework, though, has been a TOTAL PAIN.  Lot of math.  Not a fan.  But, whatever, it will pass.  Few more months.  At least there is winter to look forward to.  🙂

  We went to Dylan’s ballgame on Friday Night.  It was in Marshall County.  He played well. 

  Having lunch with Sue today.  Raffery’s of course!!  Then looking at photos from the trip, with her. 

  The next set of house plans is supposed to be finished next Tuesday.  We are trying to work out the final look and design.  Not the easiest task in the world.  I am pulling towards smaller.  It is a tug of war though to get it right.  We shall see.

  Otherwise, school is the topic of the week.

  Gustav moved ashore as a category 2 hurricane.  Could have been much worse.  Lot of damage to some areas.