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Archive: November 15th, 2008

November 15, 2008: Waterloo needs more web cams

  So, it is supposed to snow up in Waterloo and Toronto over the next few days.  A quick search for web cams show dozens in the Toronto area, but what the heck is going on in Waterloo and Kitcherner.  There is only one cam that I can find!  This is the link for that cam…

  I can’t tell if it is foggy tonight up there or snowing!  Here is a screen grab.  I need to get my friend David to get a web cam for his backyard!  I can’t believe there are not more cams in that city.  It isn’t like it is a small town.

Looks like a foggy evening?

November 15, 2008: Brrrr – rainy morning

  We woke up this morning to light rain.  Early morning at that.  6:45 AM to be exact.  We headed down to the arrowhead show at Kentucky Lake.  There were a lot of people there.  Lot of arrowheads and artifacts, as well.  We did buy some glass cases to keep some of our arrowheads in. 

  Jason is helping me with my CAM site – I used to have www.paducahweather.net – this had all of my web cams for weather and weather instrument streaming data.  Now that I am moving over to Massac County I have saved www.metropolisweather.com  🙂  So, I will put my web cam on there – on top of the hill.  I will also stream my weather data.  It might be another six-eight months before we have it all up and running.  I for one will be thrilled to get things running smoothly again.  I miss my weather center!

  It was chilly this morning.  Raining and chilly.  Wind are stiff out of the north – gusting to over 20 mph at times.  A nice fall morning!  Below are some morning/afternoon weather maps that I grabbed.  You can see all of the cold air pouring into the region.

Temperature at noon – cold air is moving into our region from the north.


Wind chills across the region.  Brrrrrrrr


The 850 mb map shows cold air pouring in, once again, to the central and eastern United States.

Images from www.wright-weather.com


Socked in with clouds.