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Archive: November 22nd, 2008

November 23, 2008: Brrrrr

  Temperatures this morning are in the 20s!  Brrrrr.  Rain and possible thundershowers will push into the area by later tonight and into Monday morning.  Nothing too heavy – looks like 0.20-0.40" of rain is expected.

  It still looks like a cold rain is on top for next Thursday night into Friday night.  Still a bit early to determine where the snow line might be.  It does appear that portions of Missouri and Illinois – further north – will get some snow.

  Heading up to the farm later today.  Taking my friend Bobby to show him where we are going to be building the house.



November 22, 2008: Twilight

  Sooooooo, we went to the movies last night.  Deena had told me earlier in the week that they were going to go out Friday night and see a movie with the kids.  I was thinking we could go see "Bolt", but they told me the kids wanted to see Twilight.  I had no clue what this movie was about, who was in this movie, or that it wasn’t "just" a movie, but a movement.  lol

  Apparently, this movie/book has a HUGE following among several groups of people.  One of those groups would be teeney bop girls – as we were surrounded by these girls at the movie – the second group must be middle aged women.  Perhaps the mothers of all of these teen girls?  I don’t know.  All I know is that the movie theatre in Paducah had a ton of middle aged women with "Twilight" shirts on.  They were screaming – ooooing  – and awwwwing throughout the movie.

  I assume this is what it was like when the "Beetles" came out on stage?  Elvis perhaps?

  I felt like I was sitting in the middle of a 90210 episode.  Girls where chatty about how to break up with their boyfriends through text messaging on cell phones – their latest boyfriend at school – how cute the vampires were going to be in the movie.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that Deena had invited us to a classsssssic teen movie.

  To make matters worse – we arrived early.  Before Deena and Tony.  Before Tyler and Danielle.  There were only a few seats left.  Deena wanted us to save them five.  That wasn’t going to happen.  We ended up sitting all the way on the top row – surrounded by about 10 teen girls.  Deena and them arrived later and didn’t get to sit anywhere near us.  (note to self – next time wait outside for everyone else)

  When the movie started the majority of the movie theater erupted into screams and cheering.  That continued on and off throughout the movie.  I honestly don’t ever remember being in a movie quite like Twilight.  Then there were the "kissing and snuggle" scenes between the main vampire and his "human" girlfriend.  I thought some of the girls in the theater were going to pass out.  lol    PLEAAAAASEEEEEEE. 

  Deena mentioned something about "being part of history".  lol  Apparently this "Twilight" movement is quite large.  Dione and Mariah missed out – they decided at the last minute to rent a movie.  I guess they will just have to read about the "historic" moment on my blog.

  I will say this 🙂  – we did have a good time and I have to admit it was an "interesting" experience. 

  Perhaps next weekend we can go see "Bolt".


November 22, 2008: NOAA’S Winter Outlook

  Here is what the "official" NOAA/NWS winter forecast is calling for.  I can say that November has been cold and will continue to be cold.  December looks cold to me.  January and February will be the question mark. 


NOAA’s U.S. Winter Outlook Calls for Variability

In announcing the 2008-2009 U.S. Winter Outlook for meteorological winter from December through February, forecasters at the NOAA Climate Prediction Center are calling for warmer-than-normal temperatures for much of the central part of the nation, and a continuation of drier-than-normal conditions across the Southeast.

With the absence of La Niña and El Niño in the equatorial Pacific Ocean this season (climate patterns that give forecasters clues about potential weather events months in advance), predicting weather patterns on seasonal timescales becomes increasingly challenging. Instead, other climate patterns over the Arctic and North Atlantic regions may play a significant role in influencing U.S. winter weather.

“These patterns are only predictable a week or two in advance and could persist for weeks at a time,” said Michael Halpert, deputy director, Climate Prediction Center. “Therefore, we expect variability, or substantial changes in temperature and precipitation across much of the country.”

Regional Outlooks

  • Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic: Equal chances for above-, near-, or below-normal temperatures and precipitation.
  • Southeast: Increased chance of above normal temperatures in the central and western parts, along with below-normal precipitation.
  • Central Region: Increased chance of warmer-than-normal temperatures, with above-normal precipitation anticipated in parts of the central Plains.
  • Western Region: Equal chances for above-, near-, or below-normal temperatures, and an enhanced likelihood of below-normal precipitation across parts of the Southwest.
  • Alaska: Milder-than-normal temperatures except along the southern coast. Equal chances for above-, near-, or below-normal precipitation.
  • Hawaii: Above-normal temperatures for eastern Hawaii and below-normal temperatures for western Hawaii. There are equal chances for above-, near-, or below-normal precipitation throughout the state.

The U.S. Winter Outlook does not include a snowfall forecast. Snow forecasts are heavily dependent upon winter storms and are generally not predictable more than several days in advance.

Prepare for winter weather through NOAA Watch. The site gives you the latest weather patterns, forecasts and warnings issued by NOAA’s National Weather Service. Also, tune in to NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards to get your up-to-the-minute local forecast and warnings.

NOAA understands and predicts changes in the Earth’s environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and conserves and manages our coastal and marine resources.

Temperature Outlook


Precipitation Forecast





  Blast after blast of cold air has poured into the eastern half of the United States over the last few weeks.  This is a pattern that I have not seen in years.  The Paducah area was down into the teens this morning.  The airport registered a low temperature of 18 degrees.  Benton, Kentucky fell to 17 degrees.  These temperatures were 15-20 degrees below normal.

  It appears that more cold air will continue to pour out of Canada in the coming weeks.  There will be brief warm spells but mainly cold.  Showers and thunderstorms will be possible on Sunday night and Monday morning.  It still appears that there will be a chance of rain on Friday into next weekend.  This could be snow just to the north of our region.  If the storm were to track further south then we could see snow even into our region.  All depends on the track of the low.  Looks like rain, at this point.

  More storm systems on tap for the first week of December.  Hopefully we can squeeze a few flakes out of one of those systems.


Temperatures this morning – a cold nation!


Low Temperatures This Morning


Temperature Departures


The 6-10 day forecast from the National Weather Service – cold to continue