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Archive: December 8th, 2008

December 8, 2008: Cloudy…

  I cloudy day.  Storm system is approaching from the west.  We should have rain by later tonight into Tuesday.  Locally heavy rainfall.  I am expecting amounts of 1/2-1" for the Paducah area.  Gusty winds as well.

  No real snow chance with this storm.  Perhaps a flurry or sleet pellet behind the cold front.  Nothing major, though.  Guess we will just have to wait a little while longer for "real" snow.

  Was up at the farm today.  Nobody has started on anything.  Maybe later this week.  🙂


December 7, 2008: Rain moving in – Daisy staying warm

  Well, it appears that our next storm system will be knocking on the door by Monday afternoon.  A low pressure area will move across Missouri into Illinois by Tuesday evening.  This will spread showers and thunderstorms across all of our counties.  I am expecting 1/2"-1" of rain.  This would be our second thunderstorm event in the last 10 days. 

  All this cold air is going to waste.  Too bad!

  The next snow threat would come after Wednesday.  Details still to be worked out – if we get anything at all.  Keeping an eye on two storm systems approaching the area (sort of left over energy from this first one).

  Went to the farm today with my dad.  We turned on the heat in the house and looked over the pipes.  We have one frozen pipe to repair.  I put a heat lamp in the well house.  This should help keep things thawed out, at least in the well house.

  Tomorrow I am going back to the farm to fix a drainage issue in the back of the house.  Going to build a little deck cover to keep the rain from falling into the drain at the back door.  Apparently the old pipes have collapsed and the water won’t drain out.  So, we need to put a pump at the base of the stairs and then put a tarp over all of that.  Hopefully that will keep the water out.

  The foundation guys are supposed to start work on Wednesday or Thursday.  Color me skeptical.  We shall hope, though.

  Daisy was cold tonight.  She was all bundled up under the covers watching tv.  I took these photos with my cell phone cam.