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Archive: December 22nd, 2008

December 22, 2008:

  Well, it has been a long week!  Oh wait, its only Monday.  🙂

  Lot going on.  First off it is almost Christmas.  So, it is a given that there is a lot to do.  Plus we are packing for Disney.  We leave at 4 PM on Christmas day.  Head to Nashville and fly out the next morning.  I think we have to be at the airport by 4 AM.  How exciting is that.  lol  I am not a morning person. 

  Should be a fun trip.  I would imagine I can give up on any hope for snow down in Florida.  I will enjoy the warm sunshine, though.

  No snow for Christmas – at least not for Paducah.  Maybe next year.  It is hard to get snow in West KY.  So it would seem.  Every so often we get a good snowstorm, but it doesn’t happen every year.

  I am still searching for a winter "location" to live.  Somewhere with a lot of snow.  A lot of cold.  A lot of ice.  🙂  Maybe somewhere in the lake effect snow belts of Michigan or New York?  🙂

  Dione sent me a photo this morning from Dip N Dots.  They had a fund raiser for Martha’s Vinyard.  One fo the local charities.

Dione presenting a check to Martha’s Vinyard


  Meanwhile, Daisy has a new friend.  Joey sent me this photo from his cell phone.  Apparently, Joey’s mom got a new puppy.  Soooo Daisy is going to have to place nice! 

Daisy and her new friend.


  I had lunch with Caesar on Saturday.  One of my friends from the Red Cross and well outside of the Red Cross as well!  We ate at the Parlor.  It has been awhile since I visited with Caesar.  So, it was nice to catch up.  We are going to try and get together with Sue in January.

  Speaking of Sue.  🙂  She has been very busy with her new granddaughter.  I have a feeling she will be busy for awhile.  Sue posted this photo on her blog.  I am sure she is very proud!

Sue took this photograph of her new "miss america"  🙂


  So, I am sure that Sue and Jack will be having a WONDERFUL Christmas this year.  Now if we could just get someone to buy their townhouse in Paducah!  They would be well on their way to Nashville.  With many babysitting hours ahead!

  Everyone is wondering about the house project.  We are in slow motion it would seem.  But, I always believe that everything happens in its own time.  Same with my house.  It will happen when it happens.  We are waiting on quotes from the foundation guys.  We have one more to go.  Waiting on a phone call.

  They have not started on the electric yet.  They are supposed to be running lines up there.  Thought they would be done with that by now.  Nothing yet.  Maybe this week or next they will complete the project.