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Archive: December 30th, 2008

December 30, 2008: MGM Studios

  We spent the day at MGM Studios today.  We slept a little later than yesterday.  We made it to the park around 11 AM.  It was nice to sleep in a bit later. 

  Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve!  Kristy and Drew are coming down to visit.  We are going to be at MGM Studio’s again.

  Few photos from today 🙂


Tyler and Danielle at MGM Studios




The next American Idol!!!


No more photos



The family outside of MGM Studios


Danielle – Tyler – Dylan – Me


Deena and me


Danielle and Tyler trying out for American Idol 🙂


To inifinity and beyond



The Osborne Christmas Lights – MGM Studios


Snowing again 🙂



Snowing 🙂


December 29, 2008: A Day at Disney

  We spent the whole day at Magical Kingdom.  I think this has to be my favorite park.  Maybe because I can remember going their as a child.  The kids had a blast.  Everyone had a blast.  🙂  WOOOOORRRRRN out.  lol  The kids just keep on going, of course.

  It is about 80 degrees down here.  Nice and warm – not too warm, though.  I noticed it was in the 30s and 40s back home.  Not too bad either.


Tyler and Dylan at lunch


Tony being magical


Joey at the Space Mountain Roller Coaster


A friend we made along the way



I love signs that make you wonder "why did they need that sign"


Tyler and Danielle with their friend Chip (or is it Dale)




Joey – Dylan – and Goofy 🙂












The Magic Kingdom – lot of fog during the morning hours


Deena and Danielle on one of the roller coaster rides







We got into a little bit of trouble. 


Danielle and Dylan


Christmas Parade – Daisy and Donald Duck




Santa 🙂



Joey in front of the Castle




Deena – Dylan and Tony


Tony and Danielle


That would be me in front of the Castle


Tony on one of the roller coasters


I like the sign showing the people dancing no the roller coaster ride


The night parade – Tyler with one of Snow White’s friends



Tyler exploring his musical interests



Dylan making glasses out of his bread at dinner