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Archive: January 4th, 2009

January 4, 2009: School – house – back home

  Well, we made it back home.  We arrived last night just before 10 pm.  It has been a long few days.  Battling the flu.  About half of us started getting sick on January 1st.  The last two days have been nothing more than a blur.  Never fun being sick. 

  Thankfully we were able to see most of Disney before being stuck in bed. 

  School starts this Friday.  The classes this semester will be on severe weather.  So, I am looking forward to the class.  Severe weather is one of my main interest in the weather field.  Just a few more classes to go and I will be finished.  I will be glad when graduation day comes.

  We are nearing a deadline for making a decision on who is going to do our foundation.  It is like pulling teeth to get someone to get you a estimate.  We have been waiting on one company for about a month now.  Our deadline is Wednesday at 6 PM.  At that point we will make a decision.  Hopefully whoever does the work can start within the next couple of weeks.  Time to get moving on this project – we are about 4 months behind.

  Otherwise, just trying to get over this cold and flu!


January 4, 2009: Our thoughts and prayers go out to Erick

    Unfortunately we have received some very sad news out of Canada.  Joey and I are both heartbroken and saddened to hear that Erick has lost someone very close to him.   Donald Cote passed away on Friday night. 

  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Erick and Donald’s family during this very difficult time.  There are never any words that make things better when someone passes away.  Donald was only  30 years old.  I don’t think they are for sure exactly what happened other than he had a rare disease.  He has been in the hospital for months.  Erick has been by his side in the hospital during that time.  He was with Donald when he passed away.

  We love you Erick and we hope that you can somehow find peace in the coming weeks and months.