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Archive: January 11th, 2009

January 12, 2009: A cold week ahead…maybe some flurries

  It looks like the coldest air of the season will spill into our counties over the coming week.  Single digits are possible late in the week.  I will give that a big BRRRRR!

  What about snow?  Well – a chance of rain/snow tonight and tomorrow morning.  Not looking for any big accumulations.  Mostly light rain or flurries.  I won’t rule out a dusting to an inch of snow across at least a portion of the Paducah forecast area this week.  I shall cross my fingers and toes and keep hoping for snow!

  We are scheduled to meet with the house foundation guys on Thursday.  Then they are scheduled to start work next week.  It is really muddy up at the farm.  I was there briefly on Friday.  Mud and lots of it!  Concerned that the weight of the concrete trucks might be too much.  Might need to put some more gravel down.  Hopefully it won’t be a big deal.


January 11, 2009: Three new KIVA Partners

  Got three new KIVA partners last night.  I got busy the last few months and have not been on their web site lately.  They had 10 pages of people looking for small business loans.  Several from the Middle East and a lot from Asia.  The news ones that I picked were…


Wassim is a 25-year-old man living in Chhim in Mount Lebanon. He has owned a shop since
2006 where he sells new and used clothes. Wassim wants to buy more clothes in order to increase
his sales and cover most of his clientele’s needs.


Abdallah is a 49-year-old married man with 5 children, living in Maarakeh in southern Lebanon.
He has owned a mini-van taxi since 2001, and he is offering transportation services to neighboring
villages in the Tyr area


Teresa Jesús Palma Vargas is 53 years old, and she belongs to the Banco Comunal Las Emprendadoras.
She lives at Calle Libertad 657 in the Puerto Marítimo de Salaverry in the Trujillo province, departemento de
La Libertad, Perú. She studied nutrition at the Instituto Superior Tecnológico. She married at age 21. She
has four children, he is now separated from her husband. Two of her sons are students and depend on her.
She works in the Municipalidad del Puerto (the municipal governing board for the port), but because she is
a strong woman, she also runs her own business, selling cosmetics from her home.