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Archive: January 13th, 2009

January 13, 2009: Life in snowless Paducah – January is half over

  Oh my goodness!  The month is half over.  WHATTTTTT???  🙂  How can that be?  The month just started.  We were just standing in the middle of MGM watching fireworks go off.  I swear the days are getting shorter.  Is it just me?  Perhaps someone has tinkered with the clocks? 

  Dione said I haven’t updated since January 4th.  I sent her an email and told her that she should hit refresh more often.  I guess she was going off the main page.  I don’t update the daily links on a regular basis.  Just every so often.  So, I had to show her how to get to the "secret" postings.  The ones on this page – not so secret!  Anyway – DIONE I HAVE UPDATED MY PAGES.  Here you go.

  The meeting with the foundation guys is now scheduled for Friday.  I know – I know – that is a day later than we thought yesterday.  And so it begins.  🙂  Okay, well maybe not.  Let’s hope not.  They are supposed to – they are scheduled to – they are planning on (what else can I say) starting next week.  They said 7-10 days and that was last week when they said that.  Sooooo – doing the math (not my best subject) that would mean they start next week.

  Vegas has opened betting odds on them starting next week.  Right now the odds are set at 60 to 1.  The 60 is betting against them starting next week.  So, get your bets in folks.  Don’t want to miss the opportunity to put your money down!

  Okay that was all in jest.  But seriously – they are supposed to start next week.  😉  I know I have said that for about five months now.  But, I mean it this time.  They are going to start next week.

  I am worried about the amount of mud up there.  Very concerned – actually.  They may tell me that it is just too muddy to start.  Let’s cross our fingers and toes that that is not the case.  We do not want another delay.  If they don’t start now then it could be spring.  Then what if there are spring floods?  Then it would be summer?  ARGHHHHHH!   lol  Let’s be positive, however.  They will start next week – they will start next week – they will start next week – they will start next week.  I just keep repeating that and eventually it will happen!

  If they don’t start next week then I am going somewhere warm.  Well, maybe.  It has crossed me mind.  It isn’t snowing.  It isn’t going to snow (at least nothing major) – so who cares if it is cold?  I am not a fan of cold weather.  Cold weather without snow is a waste of cold.  You can quote me on that.  That is just how I see it.  Why in the world would anyone in their right mind want it to be cold and NOT snow????  I know – right.  Can not imagine why anyone would feel that way.

  Winter is nearly over.  Well half over at least.  Meteorological SPRING begins on March 1st.  Meteorologists measure seasons by months – March through May is considered SPRING.  So, we have 47 days left until March.  Meteorological SPRING.  BRING IT ON.  That is what I say.  Can’t get here soon enough.  If my friend Jason and I have to talk about ONE more freakin snow storm to our north – well I am just going to scream.

  Not being dramatic – just the way it is.  This region can’t buy snow.  Most years it seems that way at least.  It could snow every single day as far as I am concerned.  That still wouldn’t be enough snow!!!!!  I know I am not alone.  There are a lot of closet snow fanatics among us.  They just keep quiet.

  I am feeling better.  Still a slight cough.  Daisy is getting better as well.  She has fallen apart over the last few weeks.  Have no idea what the deal is.  She had some eye problems, hives, and a virus.  She seems better now, however.

  Having lunch with my mother today.  Having dinner with my friend John Logeman tonight – then seeing Sue on Wednesday.  My calendar is full – at least for the next day or so!

  Not much else to report.  Bitterly cold air is moving our way.  It will arrive on Wednesday into Saturday.  There could be a few single digit readings around the region.  That is impressive – especially with no snow on the ground.

  Meanwhile there are winter storm warnings to our north.  Chicago has had their fifth snowiest winter.  Go figure.  Obviously Kentucky needs to move north.  That is about the only way to fix this problem.  That or we need another ice age.  I doubt many people will vote for the ice age.  So, let’s make it easy – I will just move north in the winter.  Maybe next year?  I say that every year.  🙁  lol  I swear, though.  I am moving north from November through February.  That is about the only way I can get snow. 

  What else – what else.  That is about it on the update front.  School is fun this semester.  Severe weather and weather prediction.  Fun classes.  Easy classes – hopefully.  We are only one week in.  But, I think this semester will be a lot easier than last semester (all that math).

  Did I mention that I am going through Snow Withdrawal?  The absence of snow is making me slowly melt.

  I took this photograph last year – Waterloo, Ontario.  JUST IN CASE YOU FORGOT WHAT SNOW LOOKS LIKE.  🙁 

January 2008 – Snow in Waterloo, Ontario.  Sigh