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Beau's Journey » Blog Archive » January 14, 2009: Life in cold Paducah…winter! Disney photos.
Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

January 14, 2009: Life in cold Paducah…winter! Disney photos.

  Well, if you like cold weather then hey step outside.  It is cold.  Temperatures fell into the teens overnight.  Brrrr.  You think that was cold?  LOL  WELLLLL the coldest air of the season is moving into our counties over the next few days.  SINGLE digits will occur on Friday morning.  Lower teens tomorrow morning.  So, that means it will be a three dog night (if you don’t know what that means then google it).  Lots of blankets – that is what it means.

  It is sunny outside this morning.  I am going to have lunch with my friend Sue Henry.  I have not seen Sue in – hmmmm – forever and a day.  So it seems.  We actually went out in December – if I remember correctly.  The days and weeks just fly by.

  My friend Gail told me this morning that her sister in Iowa has 18 inches of snow on the ground.  She hates it.  I am thinking "send it down here"!  I guess not everybody appreciates the white gold.  Still, though, with all the leaves off the trees, all the brown grass, everything hibernating – what else would you want?  Some snow!  It just livens everything up a little bit. 

  Speaking of snow – none in the forecast.  Could be some flurries over the coming 5 day period.  Not snowstorms, however.  Maybe next week?  Maybe.  There are indications that we might see some precipitation events starting later next week.  Most likely right when they are starting on my foundation.  lol  I guess I should stop wishing for snow, because we can’t have snow on the ground and start on my house.  One or the other.

  Daisy must be cold because she is sitting in the middle of the living room floor under some sunbeams streaming in from the front window.  She is worse than a cat when it comes to the sunbeam spots on the floor.  I think pugs get cold easy.  Daisy sure does.

  Tony is in Lexington for training.  I believe that would be real estate training.  This is his last training trip for awhile.  He will be home later today – at least I think he will be home later today.  Deena called and said that someone broke into his truck and stole all of his stuff.  Power tools and so on.  So, that is no good.  At least they didn’t steal his truck.  I would imagine Tony isn’t very happy.  The hotel didn’t even have security cameras.  He parked in the front.

  No new news from Canada.  Have not heard from David in awhile.  Doug is staying busy with work.  Erick is doing a little better.  He is trying to get back into some sort of rhythm.  Norman is doing good.  Spoke with him online for a few minutes yesterday.  He said it was cold and snowy in Toronto.

  OK, that is the update from Paducah. 

  Dione said I don’t have enough photos on the blog – so here are some Disney photographs 🙂


Tony and Deena at Disney


Joey reading the menu


Joey in front of Epoc


All of us as soon through a mirror


That would be me


Some gangster next to me – had to call the cops to haul him away


Dylan and Joey watching a show


Tyler strolling along


Daisy has a new pet…if I could just fit him into my luggage


Someone else is taking their photo – that or they just don’t understand
look at the camera and smile.

  Okay – hopefully Dione will be happy with these photographs.  Have to keep the audience interested.



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