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Archive: January 16th, 2009

January 16 2009: Today’s meeting – house building!

  We met with Mr. Bell today.  Sounds like he is going to start on Sunday.  Staking everything off at least.  Then they will start digging on Monday!  So, this is moving along nicely.  I am impressed.  😉   Glad we finally have a starting point.

  Sounds like it will take him 1-2 weeks to finish the foundation for my house.  Hopefully in that time I can get the tower up there for the antennas and cam.  Then I need to get with another guy on putting that tower up.

  My dad is going to get the water going tomorrow.  The pipe froze up at the farm.  So, that needs to be fixed.  The foundation guys are going to need a little water.

  We are also meeting Massac County Water on Sunday.  They are going to run county water to the farm.  Will be nice to get off that well.

  Moving along nicely!

  I was checking some weather observations and it was -30 something in Illinois this morning!!!!!!  That is INCREDIBLE cold!


Joey texting today after our meeting – Mayfield


  We went to the new Tokyo Restaurant tonight in Paducah.  It is almost exactly like the other Japanese Steakhouse.  Very strange.  If I wouldn’t know better I would say it is exactly the same!  Tommy said one of the managers left the other restaurant and opened this one!  Anyway – food was good – about the same as the other one.  🙂



January 16, 2009: Frozen pipes – coldest morning yet – meeting today

  Wow, it is cold.  It didn’t get as cold as forecast, though.  We had a low temperature of 5 degrees this morning.  Yes, just 5 degrees above zero.  With no snow on the ground!  That is amazing.  Normally this area doesn’t get that cold – not without some snow on the ground.  Course this year we can’t buy snow.  But, everyone knows that already – so we won’t go there.  No point – can’t make it snow – all out of magic tricks – snow dance not working. 


That would be me this morning


  So, I turned the water on this morning for a shower.  Nothing came out of the pipes.  🙂  So, I knew that wasn’t a good sign.  The hot water here is in the garage and by the north wall.  You can do the math.  5 degrees – water heater in garage – north wall = frozen pipes.  So, I had to bring out the space heaters.  Took about an hour, but the water is flowing again.  Thank goodness.  The thought of a cold shower…forget it!

Got the heater running


Keith up in Canada snowboarding

  So, I got a Facebook message from my friend Keith in Quebec City, Canada.  This is what the message said "Hey you. When you get a chance check out my new photo album. Me and Adam adopted, we are proud dad’s now".  So, of course I assumed they adopted a kid.  I went to his Facebook page to find the photos and couldn’t find them.  Then after chatting on MSN I discovered the adoption was actually this little creature

Vegas is his name (her name?)

  Anyway – not quite a child but close enough.  Daisy is about as much of a handful as a child sometimes – so easy mistake to make.  Probably best to start out with a pet, anyway.  If you can’t handle a pet then you probably shouldn’t attempt a kid.  lol

  We are meeting TODAY with the foundation guys.  YAY – finally!  Does this mean we are starting on the house soon?  Yes.  Yes it does.  They are starting MONDAY MORNING.  That is what I am told – promised – and believe!

  We are also meeting with Massac County Water on Sunday.  They are coming to figure out where they are running the county water (currently a well on the farm, but soon we will have county water).  Kelly (the foundation guy) is also meeting us up there to stake off the house.  So, it is all coming together now.

  What could go wrong!  We will say nothing.  lol  I should probably not say that.

  Trying to get my radio tower up there.  Waiting on junior to get in touch with me.  We have to put it on a truck to haul it.  The tower is 55′ and weighs over 800 pounds.  Not a small task.  Once I get the tower up there I have someone that Jason recommended to actually put it in the ground (concrete).  Just waiting on estimates.  I have no idea what it costs to put a tower up.  Hoping it isn’t too much.  I need the tower for my radio antennas for emergency management. 

  It is possible we could get the tower up there this weekend as well.  That would be nice.  Get things moving along.

  Had dinner with Dione and Tommy last night.  It has been awhile since we saw them.  Christmas actually!  So, it was nice to catch up on the latest news from their end of Paducah.  Dione has been helping over at the animal shelter in Metropolis.  She is supposed to take Joey and I over there so we can see the place.  It is a no-kill shelter.  I would imagine they have their hands full.

  I saw Tabatha’s new baby yesterday.  I am going to have to figure out how to spell his name!  I took my camera with me but I left the battery at home.  Oops.  So, I will have to get some photos next time.  He weighed 6 pounds and 14 ounces.  I held him for awhile.  🙂

  On the news ticker this morning – Circuit City – 100% bankrupt.  They are closing all stores.  Go figure.

  OK, I think I have hot water now.  I guess I will take a shower!!!!